Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Recently Purchased

Hey girls,

Last week I caved and bought two items I am so deeply in love with. Haha ! That actually sounds weird but these right now are my two babies and I don't think I could live without them. I will do individual posts on them as soon as I am ready to review them and talk about them but for now just... admire them.

Yes, I have joined the band wagon and I am now the proud owner of the Jemma Kidd Light as Air Foundation ! I have been using this foundation for a little more than a week and... okay i'm just going to put it out there: I LOVE IT. As I said before, I will be doing a separate review on it so stay tuned for that.
Boy Oh Boy... I splurged on an Essie Nail Polish as well. You may have read it in my Sunday Post but over the week-end I received my first offer from a Uni which I never thought I would get an offer. To celebrate that I went from Selfridge's to Harrods to find the color I wanted! I was looking for the perfect light pink and  I found exactly what I was looking for. Neo Whimsical is the perfect light pink that isn't too light and not too dark either. Like I said, PUR-FECT. 

Do you treat yourself to stuff you don't usually buy whenever you get good news? It's the best way to give yourself a pat on the back ;) 

Monday, 28 November 2011

Pret A Manger's Chocolate Moose

Hello lovelies, 

Yes you read the title of the post right. I am talking about Chocolate Moose in today's post ! On Friday evening as I was walking toward's my bus stop to go home I walked past a Pret a Manger and couldn't resist picking this up. This just shows how much of a food addict I am. Spend a whole day with me and you'll know what I'm talking about ;)

Basically, this chocolate mousse consists of three layers from dark to light. The bottom layer is just chocolate mousse, the second layer is milk chocolate mousse and the top layer is whipped cream. Holy moly , this stuff is friggin good. Each layer compliments each other just superbly and I have nothing to say about it. After all, I am a chocolate addict and you are probably thinking she loves anything chocolate ( which is true). But, the chocolate used in this mousse is exceptional and it is no cheap yucky-taste chocolate. This will for sure be my go-to dessert now every time I go to Pret ! 

I thought I ought to share with you this amazing discovery ! 

Have an amazing day lovelies, 


Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Sunday Post #01

Once again, I am starting a new series on the blog which,as the title indicates, will be called the Sunday Post. It will basically be rounding up my week because I feel that I lack personal life posts on the blog... Non ? Without further ado, here is my first Sunday Post. 

001. This week started off with me being sick which was not exactly funny as I had my A Levels Swimming Test. I obviously had to be at the top of my game which is why I freaked out a little. 

002. I purchased my first ever "high-end" foundation which I am absolutely in love with. More on that on a separate post :) You've got to leave a little suspense on here once in a while or it ain't funny! 

003. While sitting at Pinkberry in the Selfridge's Food Hall I discovered my first offer from my Top 3 choices for Uni. Holy Crap you should've seen my face I was in disbelief. 

004. To congratulate myself I purchased an Essie nail polish ! You are probably thinking seriously? An Essie Nail Polish!? But I am in love and I have been staring at the bottle ever since I got it. 

These posts may or may not be interesting for you... I like being nosey once in a while and I think these posts are great for that ;) Tell me what you think about these new series on the blog ! 


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Cheap Frills Jewelry

Hello lovelies, 

Today I have a fun post for you all featuring this amazing new brand I have just discovered through Twitter. Cheap Frills is a Brighton-based company which launched,in September this year, an online boutique. They sell affordable vintage inspired pieces and some exclusive hand-made pieces. They specialize in cameo jewelry and they do their very own portrait dome rings.

Your goodies arrive in a really cute pouch. 

Left : Gold Ribbon Bow Necklace and on the right : Cat Ears Ring 

These two pieces look amazing on. The bow necklace looks great with a simple with shirt. It really just changes the whole look you are going for effortlessly. My favorite one has to be the ring though ! The little cat ears are the cutest thing you have ever seen. I swear. 

If you like these sort of vintage-inspired pieces then you should definitely go take a look at their website : http://cheapfrills.bigcartel.com ! 

Also, follow their Twitter and Facebook pages as they often have exclusive offers and discounts ! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this one ! 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

London Christmas Blogger Meet-Up

Hey everyone,

On Saturday I attended the London Christmas Blogger Meet-up which took place at The Warwick. It was such a fun experience and I got to meet a lot of new people and discover new blogs. Some new jewelry companies were also there to introduce us to their brand which I had never heard of : Wired Jewelry and Maggie Angus, two very original brands you should definitely go check out as they aren't that expensive. You could find some really awesome goodies for Christmas! Alright let me show you a few pictures I took on that day...

 {Yummiest smelling soap EVER. Promise me to smell this when you step in LUSH!}

{Cutest magic wand ! from Lush of course}

{This body powder really does have an effect when applied on your skin. Definitely one of those items you want to grab during the festive season.}

{ A few pictures of Maggie Angus Jewelry Collection. What do you guys think about it ? I think it's uber-fun. }

There you have it. Again, a big thank you to Law and Emma for organizing this event and I can't wait for future ones . 


Saturday, 19 November 2011

What I Wore Saturday

Hi there !

So I just got back from the London Christmas Blogger Meet-Up! I had such a blast meeting some new bloggers but also discovering some new brands. After a lot of thinking and looking at other people's blogs I am finally doing a series on this blog. It's going to be called "What I Wore Saturday". From now on whatever I will be wearing on Saturday will be posted ! You might be thinking but why Saturday ? Why not Monday or Wednesday ? The explanation is pretty simple. The sun sets really early and I get back from school super late and there is no way in the mornings I have time to take pictures. So Saturday is a good day. Alright, enough talking let's check the pictures !

Top - Zara 
Vest - River Island 
Jeans - Bershka 
Booties - Zara 
Bracelet - in Frankfurt ( can't find the name of the shop! ) 
Nails - Topshop's Utilitarian 

Finally. I have achieved an Outfit Of The Day sort of post ! How do you guys like my outfit ? 

Watch this space for a little recap on the event and I will be showing you the amazing goodies we got. Also, make sure to come back next Saturday for my "What I Wore Saturday" series. 

Have a good day everyone ! 

Friday, 18 November 2011

Karl Lagerfeld Diet Coke

That's right Karl Lagerfeld collaborated with Coca-Cola to design their bottles. You probably knew all of that.

Notice that I un-capped it ? Yeah, I drank it ! I guess I can now decorate my room with this bottle. How? I don't know but I'm going to figure something really cool. LOL

Super random post for you but don't you think these bottles are just crazy awesome? Do you own any of these limited edition coca-cola bottles ? 

Origins Zero Oil Pore Purifying Toner

Holla girlies,

It is finally Friday night and what better way to spend the night blogging ! It may sound like I don't have a life but I seriously like to blog when I don't have anything to do. Alright, let me go straight to the point of this post which is a review on an Origins product !

I suffer of really big pores and if you are in the same position as me you know how annoying it is. We all want to get rid of those massive pores and I went over to Origins hoping to find something that would work for me. 

Claims: This invigorating,multi-tasking toner formulated with skin-clearing Saw Palmetto, cooling Mint and pore minimizing Salicylic Acid instantly reduces shine and removes excess oil. Leaves skin with a smooth, matte finish. 

As you can see I have used this product a whole lot but was I actually pleased with the results ? Yes and No. I really like this product because I felt like it actually cleaned my pores because of the tingling feeling you get. At first, I wasn't really pleased about the "pore minimizing" part because I had some really high expectations but I learned that you can completely close up your pores. You can only minimize them and this did help. I actually used this day and night ( as directed on the bottle) and I found it a bit too drying so I ended up only using it at night. It did help but still I felt it was maybe too strong for my skin. I have oily and sensitive skin especially in the T-Zone area so it's not like this wasn't made for me ! So I kind of have mixed feelings about this one... If you have sensitive skin then this definitely won't be for you because it is way too strong and drying. If you just have big pores and oily skin give this a try ! It's got a lot of natural products in there which is what I really like about Origins. 

Hope this was helpful for some of you and have a lovely Friday night :) 

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sally Hansen's Continous Treatment

Hey lovelies,

I was on the lookout for a top coat this summer and when I came across this product I thought it was perfect. A base and top coat all in one ? I had to get it.

Claims: base coat, an exclusive formula with Marine Kelp seals and soothes nails while locking on color for up to 10 days. top coat  patented time-release technology protects any nail color and delivers brilliant shine for up to 10 days. 

The base coat protects your nails like it is suppose to do. It doesn't make your nails go yellow which is something you want to take into consideration especially if you are a nail fanatic like me. The top coat works pretty well too. If you use Barry M nail polishes with this it won't last you the 10 days they promise but more like a 3-4 days. After those 3-4 days your nail polish will start chipping. If you use any other sort of nail polish like Ciate or Rimmel , it works perfectly well. I love the top coat because it really does make your nails shine a lot more and it just makes your nails look neat. All in all, I was pretty happy with this Base and Top coat but i'm not sure I will be repurchasing... I will try other Sally Hansen base and top coats though.

You can find this base and top coat at Boots for £9.65. Yes it is under another name because I purchased mine in Singapore but it is the exact same product !

Do you have any other good base or top coats to recommend ? I am looking for more !

Monday, 14 November 2011

Sleek Lipstick in Candy Cane

Hello Everyone !

Yes, finally a post ! I went on a little trip to Biarritz in the South West of France during my half-term break and then i got a little too carried away with work... But I am back and I have a pretty cool review for you... It's Sleek's True Color Lipstick in Candy Cane !

The lipstick's packaging is just so simple and that's what I love about it. It's super small too which can be really practical if you already have a lot of products in your make-up bag.

Claims: A superb highly-pigmented lipstick enriched with Vitamin E which leaves amazingly rich shades on the lips with only a single coat.

I remember there being a hype in June about Sleek's lispticks and I though "Hmm, I should give it a try." because everyone was talking about how pigmented and long-lasting these were. So I popped over at my local Superdrug and literally spent an hour choosing which color I would take. The choice of colors is amazing ! Sleek definitely sticks to their claims. The lipstick is highly-pigmented ( i think it is proven in my swatch because i barely even touched my hand to swatch that for the top one! ) . Although some of you might be afraid of this, rest assured you can always tone it down a little by using your fingers to apply it on your lips. This is one of the most long lasting lipsticks I have ever used ! It will just stay on your lips forever. Not even joking here. It's lasting powers are actually one of the negative points about this... It may be super long-lasting and all but it is the hardest lipstick to remove from your lips. After swatching this I took my shower and i was scrubbing the lipstick off my hand and it was still there. The color just went off a little but it was still there ! 12 hours later there still is product on the back of my hand ! Crazy innit ?! 

All in all, I still do really love this and Candy Cane is a perfect raspberry color which is "in" at the moment. I will definitely buy more of their lipsticks in the near future and I actually have my eye on a gorgeous red ! 

Sleek Makeup is available at Superdrug and there is an offer going on right now : 3 for 2 on all cosmetics ! So head over to your Superdrug and pick up some Sleek :) 

Have a great day , 


Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Hi everyone !

How are you all doing ? I was just on Blogger checking on new blog posts and thought maybe i should update my readers... I've been rather absent from my blog for the last week or so and i am so sorry about it ! I escaped from all the London craziness for a week during my half-term break and I went to the lovely Biarritz. Sadly, I forgot to take my memory card for my camera and i was unable to take any pictures whatsoever ! How intelligent of me.

I'm just listening to some music while writing this post ( Up To The Mountain - Kelly Clarkson - this is an amazing song)... I have so many reviews to write I just need to find the time. I'm thinking of doing a Everyday make up what do you think ? OMG i just glanced at the time and it is so super late. I need to sleep !

Apologies for this rushed post and I will be back very soon girlies

Lots of Love ,