Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Hi everyone !

How are you all doing ? I was just on Blogger checking on new blog posts and thought maybe i should update my readers... I've been rather absent from my blog for the last week or so and i am so sorry about it ! I escaped from all the London craziness for a week during my half-term break and I went to the lovely Biarritz. Sadly, I forgot to take my memory card for my camera and i was unable to take any pictures whatsoever ! How intelligent of me.

I'm just listening to some music while writing this post ( Up To The Mountain - Kelly Clarkson - this is an amazing song)... I have so many reviews to write I just need to find the time. I'm thinking of doing a Everyday make up what do you think ? OMG i just glanced at the time and it is so super late. I need to sleep !

Apologies for this rushed post and I will be back very soon girlies

Lots of Love ,


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