Monday, 30 January 2012

Be Right Back

Oh My Gosh. I have not blogged in absolute ages. I miss it so much and I will be back very soon! I've just been dealing with a lot of school work and birthdays (mine is coming up next :o) ! 

I have so much to catch up on with you guys.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Best-Dressed Golden Globes 2012

Best-Dressed ladies at the Golden Globes in my opinion ! :) 

SOFIA VERGARA photo | Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara in a Vera Wang gown.

CHARLIZE THERON photo | Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron in a Dior Haute Couture gown. 

Best Dressed at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards

Jessica Biel

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara

I was going through this make-up box in our storage room and found the Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara which intrigued me in a way. Why ? Mainly because I'm not the sort of person to buy high-end mascaras because I don't think there's a difference between the drugstore and high-end. For me it's all about the brush and all brands are capable of doing a really good brush ( not only high-end!) !

{Before applying mascara}

{After applying the mascara}

Can you guys see the difference !? It's absolutely amazing. This mascara is so special and I never thought I would say this about a high-end one. It instantly curls and lengthens your mascara with just a swipe or two. Now that's what I call amazeballs. You don't even need to use two different mascaras to get this effect you just need one ! I still can't get over how amazing it is. But the best part about this? THIS: 

This is something like 8-9 hours later and my lashes are still up there. Still curled. Still long. I don't think any mascara I own make my lashes stay like this the whole day ! 

Overall, I am so impressed with this. If you are a mascara addict then this NEEDS to be in your collection. 

Price : £19.50 at Debenhams and House of Fraser

Saturday Madness

What a Saturday. After sitting a 4-hour Philosophy mock exam (and epic failing it !) I went off to Busaba Eathai with Carla and Astrid. Of course intelligent me did not take any pictures of the food we got but if you ever go to Busaba I recommend the Pad Thai and the Thai Calamari. Best thing ever!

After a long walk nothing better than a little Starbucks. Carla and I got the Vanilla Spice Latte which was yummy!

Everyone meet Astrid !

And you have all met Carla countless times. LOL

I am now in bed watching CSI: NY cause it's so freaking amazing. I feel like a sore throat is on it's way and I am so pissed at my parents. What a Saturday. 

Monday, 9 January 2012

LUSH Pow Wow Lip Scrub

When this lip scrub was given to us in the London Christmas Blogger Meet-Up swag bag I wasn't too sure if I was going to venture into trying it. I had never really felt the need to pamper my lips. Lip Balm was enough for me. On one of those gloomy days I decided to take this lip scrub out of the cupboard and ever since I have been using it once a week !

Pow Wow. That is one bad ass name if you ask me! This stuff smells so...sweet. It's basically popping candy which adds to the awesome-ness of this lip scrub. As you rub this on your lips a few bits of popping candy will eventually pop in your mouth and make you want to lick it all off your lips. Seriously. It's like a good excuse to eat candy! I have to admit I don't have the driest lips because I tend to apply lip balm every night before going to bed and in the mornings. But it does smooth them out nicely and when the cold dries up my lips it removes all the dead skin gently. As the french say "Mieux vaut prevenir que guerir" ( It's better to prevent than cure.) ! 

This little baby is £4.75 which isn't too pricey for the amount of use you can get out of it !

What is your favorite lip scrub ? Do share as I am more than happy to try out new ones. 

Have a lovely week people ! 

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Cozy Socks

I went into Primark with the objective of getting PJ's but instead I came out with PJ's and these little cuties.

These are by far the coziest socks I have ever bought in my life. These were only £2 for two pairs ! As you can see there are some holes that have appeared but seriously, for £2 it is totally worth it. It keeps your feet warm and there are no words to describe how amazing they feel. 

Do you have any good cozy socks to recommend ? These are definitely my newest obsession for whenever I feel like lounging around or even when I'm doing my homework :)

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday ! 

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Balenciaga Bag Giveaway at FashionChalet.

Holy Moly ! There's a balenciaga bag giveaway going on at Fashion Chalet !

Balenciaga Arena Giant City Bag, Fashion, Kardashian, Nicole Richie, Barneys New York

Don't you girlies all dream to have this bag? Cause I really want this. 

Good Luck to all of you who are participating in this giveaway.

Friday, 6 January 2012

It's Friday Night...

And it's the sort of night you just want to hang out with your computer and chill. Well that's what I love to do ! I usually watch the latest episodes of the TV Shows i'm watching ( click here to see the ones I watch I'm a TV show obsessed.) while doing my nails. But tonight I'm on the lookout for a dress ! 

Image 1 of TFNC Sequin Dress with Long Sleeves

{ Simple and sparkly. £55 from TFNC find it here! }

Image 1 of ASOS Mini Dress in Rib with Cut Out Back

{ I like the hole in the back. Super sexy but not sure I have a pretty back. £30 from ASOS find it here}

Image 2 of ASOS Skater Dress with Lace Cross Back

{ Probably my favorite one of them all right now but still not sure! Boy I'm difficult. £40 from ASOS find it here !

Image 1 of ASOS One Sleeve Dress in Glitter

{This is at the top of my list for sure. But I need to get fit in order to look good in that dress. It's time to hit the gym.... £45 from ASOS find it here! }

This is pretty much a random post. But I thought I would share with y'all. What do you guys think? I'm looking for a dress for my 18th birthday. Which one is the best out of all of these ? 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Plaid Overload

At the beginning of this week my mom and I decided to hit Zara to look at their sale items. To be perfectly honest with you guys I have not really gone proper sale shopping! The crazy crowds of people have sort of disgusted my mom and she refuses to step into Topshop (boo!). As I went into Zara I saw this rack of clothing with a few plaid shirts on it and I jumped on it. 

I love that they both have their own cute detailing. The red plaid shirt has cute structured pockets with interesting buttons. Whereas the blue plaid shirt is more elegant with the ruffles at the front. I actually want to find a nice leather skirt to go with this ruffle shirt. I think I may hit Selfridge's to take a look at Monki. 

What are tour fashion obsessions for this month ? 

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2011 in Pictures

I got my Nikon D5000 a year ago for Christmas. Ever since I have been pretty much obsessed with photography. I thought I'd share 12 pictures. One for each month of this year. I am no professional photograph and I'm still trying to get better at this ! 

{January. First actual month using my camera. This is the first picture I was proud of.}

 {February. It was my seventeenth birthday and I had a blast thanks to all of these lovely girlies!} 

{March. Trip to Paris with Carla. We went to see her dad dance on Dancing With The Stars. Super fun experience!}

{April. The sun was out and we were out.}

{May. The month of the Royal Wedding. Picture of Westminster Abbey on the day before.}

{June. Last month with our favorite teacher who has now retired. There were tears...}

 I played around with the colors... whoopsies

{July. Picture taken by my little sister at Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.}

{August. Was spent in Bali and Singapore!}

{September. Got to meet Kelly Cutrone for the second time. Literally the best day of my life. I look up to this woman.}

{October. Dinner with my friends before the holidays!}

{November. Christmas Blogger Meet-Up which was UH-mazing. These are the goodies we got :)}

{December. Christmas Shopping with Carla on Oxford Street!}

Now that I look back at 2011 in pictures it really was a good year. I think everyone should do this! No but seriously. It brings you back to those great times you spent :) Now let's try to make 2012 an even better year! I'm going to bring my camera more around with me because I feel like I don't bring you on enough adventures around. So here's to the new year. Fresh start, new photos, new routines. 

Happy New Year. 

Monday, 2 January 2012

School FOTD

Hey girlies,

Today I bring to you a Face of The Day. This is what I wear to school because it doesn't take much time and because it doesn't look to heavy. Just what you need when you go to school don't you think ?

Foundation : Jemma Kidd Light As Air Foundation in 03 light/medium ( I look really pale in this picture  I have more of an olive-toned skin ) 

Liquid Eyeliner : L'Oreal Super Liner in Black 

Mascara : MUA Mascara in Shade 5 and Rimmel's Glam'eyes in Brown Black 

Blush : MAC's Pressed Amber (I think this is limited edition! So glad I got my hands on this one. It's amazing!) 

Lipstick : MAC Lustre in Politely Pink 

What do you guys think about this Face of The Day? You likey ? Cause I likey mucho :D

Lots of Love,