Saturday, 31 March 2012

Boots Essential Tinted Lipsalve

I'm pretty sure I took these pictures like two weeks ago whilst I was feeling ill in bed. I was eager to write some posts and get my blog back on track after leaving it to rot for too long. So, I know these aren't the best pictures but this lip balm is A-mazing. 

I rediscovered this product during this winter just when my lips were getting super dry (due to Roaccutane as well). This was initially my little sister's lip balm which she left in my bathroom one day and he was very warmly welcomed :) 

I really like this product first of all because I feel like it moisturises my lips really nicely. Another factor that made me fall head over heels for this is the fact that it is slightly tinted. I have to say that you only get that tinge of colour after applying a few layers of this! My lips aren't very pinky which is why I also like to use this as a base before applying a lipstick to lipgloss. It does stick to it's "enhances your natural lip colour" claim. I apply this to my lips all day and right before I know it i'm going to empty the tube! The best part of this product is probably the fact that it's only a pound ! Yes, A POUND. 

I'm pretty sure every Boots will have this in-stores but if not here's a link to the product ! They seem to be on offer right now : 2 for 1.80 on selected Boots Essential Lipsalves, even better. 

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Outfit On A Sunny Sunday

I decided to be a little more active on the blog after being almost-not-there for too long. On Sunday I participated in a really fun photo shoot for Havaianas with Rachel and Laura ! It basically consisted in jumping in the middle of a circle of people which was, I have to admit , a teeny weeny scary but we ended up going together :) I'll obviously link the video on here when it's out. 

I quickly snapped these before leaving with my MacBook's webcam so excuse the bad quality but you get the gist. The pants come just above the angle so it's not super long but it's not a 3/4 pant either. Picked it up in the Zara sales this winter knowing I would love them during the sunnier days. 

Top - Emoi (vintage french brand that doesn't exist anymore!) 

Pants - Zara 

As you can see I still have a lot of toning up to do................ ! I paired this outfit with my high-top white Converse I can't let go. I've used them to death. 

Hope you liked this post :) 

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Boots Haul !

What do you do when there's a 3 for 2 promotion going on at Boots ? That's a rhetorical question isn't it ? Haha ! I didn't buy anything too extravagant but these are three little gems I am looking forward to using 

Left to right : 
  • Rimmel's Peppermint looks like such a gorgeous pastel mint colour I cannot wait to put on my nails (especially on my toes ! it will look great with my fuchsia heels!). I love this range of nail polish from Rimmel because of the brush. It makes application so much easier ! 
  • Revlon Red's lipstick is my first red lipstick. I never thought it would be something that would suit me but you know what it's not too bad ! I think you will never know if it suits you unless you try it on. Which is what I did. And look, I bought it ! It has a great staying power even after drinking and eating it was still on my lips. 
  • Models Own Beetle Juice is one of those wowza colours ! It does smell really strong though. Spray paint scent. But I can get over that ! 
TOTAL = 12.43pounds

I love Boots 3 for 2... They should do it more often !

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Jemma Kidd Light As Air Foundation

Hi there girlies !

How's everyone doing on this lovely Saturday afternoon !? I'm doing just fine. I was doing my homework and then suddenly thought hey I've not done a review for ages, it's about time I did one on the Jemma Kidd Light As Air Foundation! I've been using this foundation for a good 6 months (I didn't realise I had it for that long!). And even after using it every day for the past 6 months there still is like 1/4 of the product left. Well worth those 28 pounds spent. 

Let's talk packaging. I don't dislike the idea of having liquid foundation in a tube but when the foundation is as liquid-y as this one... not sure it's the best one. As you can see in the pictures above, it gets real dirty with some product going all over the place ! This happens when you travel with it / put it in your make-up bag. If you leave it at home It stays pretty clean...
The product itself is a very light and watery foundation which I like because it doesn't feel like you have a ton of make-up on your skin.If you suffer from acne and you have a lot of blemishes and spots to hide, this is not something for you. This foundation is for someone who has a bit of redness and few imperfections to hide. I've had until recently some bad skin and I just hated this foundation because it didn't do the trick. I've been on Roaccutane for the last 4 weeks therefore my skin has improved a lot. Skin is now baby soft and I don't have all the little imperfections I used to have but I still do have redness. This is what this foundation is good for, hiding redness. If redness is your issue I promise you will love this foundation. It does tend to slide off your face at the end of the day so if that's something that bothers you you might need to invest in a primer as well. 

All in all, this is a good foundation, not an amazing one. After reading all those reviews on the blogosphere I really had high expectations for this product and I have to admit I was really disappointed. But now that my skin has improved i've finally figured out what the foundation is good for : skin with redness. So all you people with problems of redness you might want to run over to your nearest Space.NK that does supply this foundation (I got mine at Harvey Nichols!) and get colour-matched. You'll see how amazing this is. 

By the way, i'm looking for a good tinted moisturiser does anyone know of a good one ? Please leave your recommendations in the comments. It will be much appreciated :) 

Hope you enjoyed x

Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Sunday Post #06

Forgive my lack of posting in the past few weeks. I feel like nowadays every single post I write I say sorry. I just really feel guilty for not... posting. I think I've just been lacking inspiration. But this next week I'm going to review Jemma Kidd's Light As Air foundation. Now I know there are a fair amount of these reviews on the blogosphere but I feel like I need to put my opinion out there. Weirdly enough, I don't have the exact same judgement on this product as the other reviews I've read. But i'm going to stop right there and let you read the review when it comes up. 

{With Astrid and Carla posing in our rather classy school toilets and I just realised something nasty is written on the mirror} 

#001 We had our yearbook picture taken this week hence the summer-y outfit in the above picture. 

#002 Uhm, we are going to Barcelona bitches ! Yeah. I can't even explain my excitement. Going to have to contain it for the next 3 months. You can do it Laura ;) 

#003 Just discovered these two new blogs which I think deserve a mention : the first one is The Rockstar Diaries. Oh My Goodness this blog exudes cuteness. Trust me just give it a go and you will fall head over heels for it. The second one is a fellow singaporean's beauty blog : Beauty Fool.

#003 Someone's birthday is coming up ( MAYUMI!). I know she won't read this. She doesn't know my blog url. Yeah, I'm positive. Okay, I'm looking for a Chanel-esque bag. You know those padded sorta bags? Yeah. I need that but cheaper. Anyone know of a cheaper version?

#004 Now it's time for bedtime for me. It's been a busy week-end and I need to sleep. 

Cheerio x 

Saturday, 17 March 2012

No Light No Light

Where are you hiding sun !? 
Yeah, Saturday afternoon and it's raining :( Whatever. I can get over it because I'm going out for a little cultural outing with Mayumi. Haha. That sounded rather..... NEEKY. Whoops. But seriously. Don't you feel stupid sometimes when the teacher talks about a painting or anything really and you don't know about it!? Yeah, May and I have found a solution to that. We're going to visit museums. After all, we live in LONDON. How can we not visit museums. Okay, enough of this. It's boring me. And probably you now. 

I pretty much just gobbled all of that in like a minute. Okay maybe not. But I was hungry. 

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Sunday Post #05

One word for this week : stressful. 
It was mocks week full of surprises and I think I peed in my pants more than once. Jokes aside, I don't think I have been as excited as I was for the week-end. 

A few inspiration pictures that I found on the net this week : 

Ok, really weird. Just looked back at all of these pictures and they all have bright orange in it. 

001. Pretty Little Liars ! We are just two weeks away from knowing who A is and I don't think I can contain my excitement. A lot of people think Ezra is A but I don't think it's something the viewers would like? I don't know ! Who do you think is A !? Tell me in the comments below i'm curious to know everyone's opinions.

002. I've been listening to One Direction's One Thing and More Than This on repeat. These guys are OhEmGee so freaking hot. Okay not all of them but ya'know ;) 

003. I diagnosed myself with this certain disease called Trichotillomania. Go google it to find out what it means. But yeah I do it way too much with my hair :s It's bad Laura ! 

004. Last thing which is kind of tmi but whatever this is my blog after all ! I am the kind of person that NEEDS to wash their hair like every single day or it will be greasy. But a week after starting Roaccutane I can now NOT wash my hair everyday. Life-changing much ? I think so. 

There goes another week ! Getting closer to exams........ In 3 months and a half. Holy Moly....

Melted Goat Cheese on Puff Pastry

Hey lovelies,

Holy Crap. Doesn't the title just make you drool ? Mhhm I'm actually craving this stuff right now. This recipe is just like most of the recipes I put up on the blog - delicious and easy-to-do.

Main Ingredients : Caramelised Red Onion , Puff Sheet and Goat's Cheese

Cut out the puff pastry in circles using anything circular. Ha. Then break an egg in a small bowl and take a brush and swipe a bit of egg on top of each circle.

Then add a tablespoon of caramelised onion followed by a slice of goat's cheese. Drizzle a bit of oil on top of each goat's cheese followed by some salt and pepper. 

Pop it into the oven until it's a little brown and you are good to go ! 

How easy is this !? And trust me this is the tastiest thing you will ever eat (as a starter). It is the easiest and quickest thing to do for whenever you feel like impressing someone or even yourself ! So head over to the kitchen and get cooking ! :)