Saturday, 31 March 2012

Boots Essential Tinted Lipsalve

I'm pretty sure I took these pictures like two weeks ago whilst I was feeling ill in bed. I was eager to write some posts and get my blog back on track after leaving it to rot for too long. So, I know these aren't the best pictures but this lip balm is A-mazing. 

I rediscovered this product during this winter just when my lips were getting super dry (due to Roaccutane as well). This was initially my little sister's lip balm which she left in my bathroom one day and he was very warmly welcomed :) 

I really like this product first of all because I feel like it moisturises my lips really nicely. Another factor that made me fall head over heels for this is the fact that it is slightly tinted. I have to say that you only get that tinge of colour after applying a few layers of this! My lips aren't very pinky which is why I also like to use this as a base before applying a lipstick to lipgloss. It does stick to it's "enhances your natural lip colour" claim. I apply this to my lips all day and right before I know it i'm going to empty the tube! The best part of this product is probably the fact that it's only a pound ! Yes, A POUND. 

I'm pretty sure every Boots will have this in-stores but if not here's a link to the product ! They seem to be on offer right now : 2 for 1.80 on selected Boots Essential Lipsalves, even better. 

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