Saturday, 19 November 2011

What I Wore Saturday

Hi there !

So I just got back from the London Christmas Blogger Meet-Up! I had such a blast meeting some new bloggers but also discovering some new brands. After a lot of thinking and looking at other people's blogs I am finally doing a series on this blog. It's going to be called "What I Wore Saturday". From now on whatever I will be wearing on Saturday will be posted ! You might be thinking but why Saturday ? Why not Monday or Wednesday ? The explanation is pretty simple. The sun sets really early and I get back from school super late and there is no way in the mornings I have time to take pictures. So Saturday is a good day. Alright, enough talking let's check the pictures !

Top - Zara 
Vest - River Island 
Jeans - Bershka 
Booties - Zara 
Bracelet - in Frankfurt ( can't find the name of the shop! ) 
Nails - Topshop's Utilitarian 

Finally. I have achieved an Outfit Of The Day sort of post ! How do you guys like my outfit ? 

Watch this space for a little recap on the event and I will be showing you the amazing goodies we got. Also, make sure to come back next Saturday for my "What I Wore Saturday" series. 

Have a good day everyone ! 


  1. Those boots are gorgeous! Shame we didn't get to meet at the blogger meet up, maybe next time x x x

  2. Thanks ! Yes it is a shame but as you say we will surely meet next time :)