Tuesday, 22 November 2011

London Christmas Blogger Meet-Up

Hey everyone,

On Saturday I attended the London Christmas Blogger Meet-up which took place at The Warwick. It was such a fun experience and I got to meet a lot of new people and discover new blogs. Some new jewelry companies were also there to introduce us to their brand which I had never heard of : Wired Jewelry and Maggie Angus, two very original brands you should definitely go check out as they aren't that expensive. You could find some really awesome goodies for Christmas! Alright let me show you a few pictures I took on that day...

 {Yummiest smelling soap EVER. Promise me to smell this when you step in LUSH!}

{Cutest magic wand ! from Lush of course}

{This body powder really does have an effect when applied on your skin. Definitely one of those items you want to grab during the festive season.}

{ A few pictures of Maggie Angus Jewelry Collection. What do you guys think about it ? I think it's uber-fun. }

There you have it. Again, a big thank you to Law and Emma for organizing this event and I can't wait for future ones . 



  1. Don't think I got a chance to say hi on Saturday. I was uber late! I do adore Maggie Angus thou, the pieces are so much fun!

    Look forward to getting to know your blog! :)

  2. All the lush goodies look so tempting, I love the look of that soap! Really pretty jewellery too. Sounds like you had a lovely time xxx

  3. It was lovely to meet you on Saturday! The Maggie Angus jewellery is gorgeous, and I definitely want to get my hands on the lustre! xxx

  4. @H aw yeah it's such a pity we didn't all get to talk ! Looking forward to the next event :) and i think we all agree on this one Maggie Angus has some amazing stuff.

    @Emily Yes. We did have a lovely time ! all that thanks to law and emma :)

    @Helen it was lovely to meet you too :) same ! lustre is on my to-buy list for sure.

  5. Aww thank you for coming Laura :) so glad you enjoyed it too. Me and Emma were so happy that you ladies had fun, oh I'm awful I went to Lush and got a heap haha (I have an addiction) hahaha xxxx