Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Sunday Post #01

Once again, I am starting a new series on the blog which,as the title indicates, will be called the Sunday Post. It will basically be rounding up my week because I feel that I lack personal life posts on the blog... Non ? Without further ado, here is my first Sunday Post. 

001. This week started off with me being sick which was not exactly funny as I had my A Levels Swimming Test. I obviously had to be at the top of my game which is why I freaked out a little. 

002. I purchased my first ever "high-end" foundation which I am absolutely in love with. More on that on a separate post :) You've got to leave a little suspense on here once in a while or it ain't funny! 

003. While sitting at Pinkberry in the Selfridge's Food Hall I discovered my first offer from my Top 3 choices for Uni. Holy Crap you should've seen my face I was in disbelief. 

004. To congratulate myself I purchased an Essie nail polish ! You are probably thinking seriously? An Essie Nail Polish!? But I am in love and I have been staring at the bottle ever since I got it. 

These posts may or may not be interesting for you... I like being nosey once in a while and I think these posts are great for that ;) Tell me what you think about these new series on the blog ! 


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