Sunday, 31 July 2011

Holiday Update .

Hello peeps !

I am so so extremely sorry for not having blogged for the longes time ever . But if you follow me on twitter you must have seen that i have now arrived in Asia ! In Singapore to be more precise and i am now in Bali :) I basically haven't had time to sit down for a few hours and write reviews or just blog. So I'm going to do a rant . It may not be long or it may be the longest post i have ever written but only time will tell ! Maybe i should do a sort of recap of what has happened since my last post ( i was in the South of France during that very last post. )

So after having chilled out with friends and family in the French Riviera , we eventually drove back to London . We arrived on a Sunday night and we had to leave like the following night so i spent my whole Monday doing laundry and getting ready to leave for a three-week holiday in Asia. We arrived in Singapore on Tuesday night and directly went to my aunt's house where we were going to spend the following week at. My mom and sister had the worst jet lag ever but i was sleeping amazingly after the first night ! Although we woke up pretty late ever day ( around 11 or 12 ) so like when we went out we directly headed for some lunch at Ion ! Ion , i f you ask me , is uh-mazing. It's like wayy bigger than Westfield and Westfield ( if you live in London ) is already pretty big so imagine ion ! Plus , there's one whole floor dedicated to food which is .... ( no words to describe ) . LOL No , but seriiously . I haven't eaten chocolate in 2-3 weeks which is one of those things i just don't see myself doing but somehow when i'm in Asia i just don't eat chocolate or anything too sweet just because there are so many other stuff that are yummy. Oh god i'm actually craving some stuff right now . Unfortunately , i can't share any pictures right now because i'm actually writing this post from my dad's laptop because i left mine in Singapore ( I'm in Bali right now. ) but rest assured there will be a post dedicated to all the pictures i took during my trip in Asia. I'm thinking photo diary post like no words just pictures to describe all the amazing things you could possibly find over here!

Anyway , I'm in Bali right now and it is our first day here and it's almost 11pm. Today we wanted to do a little trek in the rice fields but there were all these aggressive stray dogs which were friggin aggressive that we decided to turn around and head back to the hotel. My parents went for a spa while my little sister and i chilled in the room while watching Pretty Little Liars. Then , we had the afternoon tea at the hotel before heading to Ubud where we strolled around the little roads and visited a market selling all sorts of handicrafts , clothes , accessories ... I bought a little present for all of my fuends :)

Uhm , yeah . This is a LONG post . A LONG rambly post ! If you read all the way up to here then THANK YOU ! I probably bored you out with my random stories. I will either be doing a few posts here and there just talking about my trip here or i'll just do a huge photo diary with a little vlog bringing you around Bali ! Heyyy who knows !????

Alrightey ! Ciao me lovers and thanks for reading this !

Monday, 18 July 2011

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Lip Balm Review

Before going into the review and all i have to say today is a lovely day in the French Riviera ! Blue skies , our view on Saint Paul de Vence is soooo clear as well . It's just one of those days where all you want to do is hang by the pool and listen to More To Luv by Minnutes. If you have not listened to this song you SHOULD . I'm addicted to it right now ! Anyway , let's get to the serious stuff .

I bought this at the end of this winter thinking it would be a great lip balm for the sunnier days because it has SPF15 , Vitamin E and it helps prevent & protect chapped , cracked or wind-burned lips . I guess it's also great for people who ski a lot ! 

Excuse all the dirt and the pink stuff on it ! It's just lip gloss and lipstick ... 

Now , let's talk about the results of this product. First of all ,  I have to say i had high expectations from this product as i am quite familiar with their body moisturizers ( which i adore ). The first time i actually applied this  on my lips it kind of stung which is kind of weird coming from a lip balm ! I didn't give up on it straight away though . I went on to use it a few times always hoping that i would be pleased with it but sadly that time never came... I mean don't you think it's weird that each time i apply this balm on my lips it burns my lips !? Shouldn't it be doing anything but that !? It does smell amazing though especially if you love cocoa butter ! All in all , as i said i'm really disappointment in this product ! :/ 

Vaseline is still ( i find ) the best lip balm / moisturiser if you have dry / chapped lips ! It works marvelously and i may just do a review soon ... 

There you have it guys !  

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Valbonne Market

Every Friday there's this market going on in the village near my holiday house so it always ends up being the highlight of the week cause they always have amazing food , jewelry , clothes ... Anything you can think of to be honest. Every time we go to this market we buy the most amazing olives i have ever eaten in the whole entire world. It also is the stall with the longest queues but it is totally worth the wait . Plus , during your wait there are a variety of their products you can nibble on which makes you want to buy too many stuff because they are all so freaking good. Anyway , we bought olives and tapenades ... oh and this amazing bread they sell on the market and it kind of reminds people of the ole days when you had to queue for your bread and blahblahblah ( i overheard old ladies in  the queue conversing about this ). Eavesdropping much ? enough blabbing and let me show you a few pictures i snapped during this wonderful morning .

These bracelets are amazing . They are made with a liberty print material and some of them have swarovski on them ( the lady selling these kept repeating this to me so i just had to mention it ! lol ) . They were pretty cute but we decided to look around first to see if there were nicer bracelets elsewhere...

Yum . I love these sort of hams and they had such a wide selection there . We could even try them :)

Ahhh there were even crepes. Totally craving this stuff right now . Crepes + Nutella *drooling*

Some lovely flowers of the region... Apparently the yellow ones are super rare. Yeah .  

Ohhh and there was this guy selling a humongous variety of spices and salts and all that kind of crap . We bought lavender which i will be using to make cakes and stuff like that so stay tuned for that.  

We waited rightly so for the bracelets because we found this uh-mazing stall with uh-mazing bracelets. My little sister got the one above and i got one with the same liberty print except there's this huge skull at the end !  

There you have it ! A little insight of Valbonne's Market. If you ever visit the south east of France and you're around Nice or Cannes do go visit the adorable village of Valbonne on a Friday so that you can visit their market as well ! 


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Homemade Pizza

The title of this post is making me hungry... Anywho , I love to bake , cook and eat ( duh ) so i thought what better way to share my love for food ! But I feel like the only times I have posted recipes or anything about food really , it has only been unhealthy food . Well , this is probably going to add up to that list of unhealthy food posts but i think it really depends on the toppings you put on your pizza base. In this particular pizza these are the ingredients i chose :

This is a great tomato sauce for you pizza base.

I topped my pizza with two chicken sausages which i chopped up into slices. Again , you can use whichever toppings you like. If you want a healthy pizza than maybe go with a vegetarian pizza ? 

I added a bit of herbs on top just to give a bit more taste to the pizza.

And then i added loads and loads of cheese . I love cheese . Cheddar is my favorite cheese for pizza but you can use mozzarella , emmental or even parmesan ! 

First , you are going to need a good base ( mine was a little too thin here :s ) . I took my pizza base recipe from here. 

Then you're going to want to spread the tomato sauce all over the base.

Add your toppings ...

Then the herbs...

And then cheese ! Leave it in your oven for about 10 mins and ...


This is probably going to be the most boring food post i am ever going to do cause you all probably know how to make pizzas but this was fun :) 

Today is France's national day ! WOOP WOOP . Yeah , i don't really know what we are suppose to do but i'm just going to chill out by the pool. Sounds good. 

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Finally , I'm doing a review on Impulse body fragrances . I have been using this since i'm 12 and it has been part of my life on a daily basis . Literally . I'm pretty sure I have not gone a day without using it. I like to have two bottles of these at all times just so I can alternate the scents and not always have to smell the same thing .

Right now these are the two scents i have : True love - freesias muguet and amber notes , Very pink - grapefruit with a sweet base of vanilla scents . 


I don't really have a favorite scent out of all the ones available but I do have a preference for their London and New York scent as well as for any floral-y scent. 

First of all , if you don't know what Impulse is , Impulse is a body fragrance. It's a better alternative to your regular deodorant which has ( most of the time ) anti-perspirants which are actually really bad for you . The word "anti-perspirants" says it all . Your body need to sweat and by using these anti-perspirants you basically stop your body from perspiring. I mean i understand that you don't want to sweat during the day but that's just how it is ! That's why i use these body fragrances on mah pits ( haha there is no other word for that body part i think ... ) to give them a good smell right at the beginning of the day . Best thing about this product ? It is long lasting . Most of the time , I can still smell the scent of the fragrance i chose. As i said before , i have been using this since i was little and have been really pleased with it ! Plus , there is a vast choice of scents to please everyone . I can only say good things about this product. Oh , and if you were wondering how much this product is it's about a pound which is fairly cheap for this bottle which will last you forever . 

If you have any other questions about my blog or this product , don't hesitate to leave a comment below or email me 

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tuesday Summary

Today is the first day I didn't go to the pool ! We spent the day in a shopping center and just looking at decoration stores . Fun ! Sarcastic in a way , but I end up liking these shops ... I'm about to move houses as well so I'm kind of looking for ideas for my room .

First store we went to in this shopping center was Sephora ! I had never been to Sephora as a beauty product addict . Haha that sounds kind of weird but it's true. I have only recently been obsessed with anything beauty therefore entering a Sephora store during sales is probably not the wisest thing to do. There were so many Urban Decay lipsticks and lip glosses on sale for a mere 9 euros ! There were also a few Make-Up Forever eye shadows on sale . Not sure of the price though . Oh , and there were a few Sephora lip glosses going for 2 euros ! Yes , and I didn't buy a thing . But I don't really regret that because it's not as if I actually needed any of those ... I know a lot of people buy a ton of makeup and only end up using half of  it but I'm not really that sort of person. I like to finish products I buy ( except if they are really bad of course ) . Anyway , I went to the Urban Decay counter looking for their primer but my eyes somehow brought me to their tinted moisturizer. 

I quickly snapped this picture as I wasn't sure it was allowed and I didn't want to get told off by one of the sales women ... But yeah , have any of you tried this product out ? I really want to try a tinted moisturizer . I don't know I'm sort of fantasizing over them right now. I tried it out on my hand and I guess it gives a medium coverage but that's just what I presume from trying it out on my hand . 

Then , we headed to Cyrillus . Your typical french clothing store , if you visit their website or their store you will probably understand what I mean by that . 

But I'm not really into those sort of clothes so I just took a picture of my outfit . 

Top - Zara
Shorts - Tally Weijl
Shoes - Primark 
Ring - Topshop 

Then we headed to Princesse Tam-Tam ( my mom's favorite lingerie store ) and my sister just sat on their sofas in front of their very princess-like changing rooms . They have some really cute stuff in that store but I just couldn't be bothered to look for new bras or PJ's in that moment . I do recommend this store to any girl , albeit their stuff can get a little pricey , during the sale is a great opportunity for you to buy their oh so cool bras. 

Ha ! There goes my first ever summary of my day . That was fun . I think these will be coming up a lot in the next week or so but rest assured there will also be a review here and there . I should probably go take a shower now ! It's too hot . 

Night x

Five Things

I may be a teensy weensy late for this post but better late than never , no ? I haven't been blogging for five days I believe ... But I am back on track and my internet is working again ! Even though I haven't been blogging , my camera has been following me pretty much everywhere. Lately , I've been lounging around by the pool , eating ice cream , working out by swimming ( I have to lose all my flab :s ) and reading . Here are a few pictures that pretty much sum up my past week , there may be a little more than five pictures though ...

French Elle with Blake Lively on it ! I , personally , am not a fan of french Elle ... It's just really boring . I would compare it to UK's Grazia because of the gruesome story you get in your weekly magazine .

You have got to love lounging by the pool with the smell of lavenders floating around you - so relaxing . 

This is probably one of my favorite gum . I'm pretty sure you can only find this in France as I have never seen this in the UK... 

Oh , I went vintage shopping on Thursday last week with Mayumi and Amelia . It was super fun and if you ever go to Brick Lane I recommend you pop by Rokit . It's the best vintage store on the road , albeit neither of us bought something ! I think vintage shopping is the hardest because each piece of clothing you find you need to imagine with what you're going to pair it with ! 

My head is slightly chopped off but whatever . This was the highlight of my life . I met Kelly Cutrone and got her latest book , Normal Gets You Nowhere , signed ! Oh My God !  Did you see what she wrote ? This totally made my year . 

Anywho , it is so hot out here and I'm thinking of jumping into the pool . My sister is talking to herself outside and that's probably because she has been watching Zoella's videos with me... She even wants to create her own YouTube Channel and we just filmed her talking about summer make-up ?! 

I have too many ideas of blog posts right now but I'm sure my next post will be about pizza . Ah , pizza ... yum . 

Monday, 11 July 2011

Update !

Holla peeps !

As you may or may not have seen I have been a little MIA lately and that's because I have been travelling around France to finally arrive at my house in the French Riviera ! HELLO SUNSHINE ! Yes , it is extremely hot and this is our first day at our house and it's been spent in the pool. I will have to do a post resuming the 7th of July which was a more than awesome day for me . ( you guys I met the one and only KELLY CUTRONE. hell yeah and I got her book signed and it was the best day of my life .) So , back to my car trip from London to the South , I had to entertain myself so I bought a few magazines ( I know I broke my one-magazine-a-month rule but whatever ! It's summer and we all a need loads of magazines to read by the pool ... ) and my sister and I had a few photo shoot sessions as we were sitting in the back seat of our car...

Really like this nail trend :) Will be trying it out with brighter colors ...

I love polka dots ! Especially Stella McCartney's take on this new trend.

I absolutely adore this fuzzy coat from Sacai. Never heard of the brand though...

All the pictures with me on it are poses my sister asked me to do . ( pretty random if you ask me ) 

Anywho , to be honest I don't remember what I wrote in the first part of this post as my internet broke down while I was writing this ! I will be trying to post regularly again . A few reviews are on it's way and also I will be bringing you on my trip to the South of France so expect a few pictures ! 

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Zara Haul

We have been having some lovely weather in London ( except for yesterday's thunderstorm! ) and that is the perfect excuse to renew your summer wardrobe. Yesterday , I decided to hit Zara's Sale and came out of it SUCCESSFUL .

I love the mixture of these three colors , a lovely twist from you regular nautical top. 

This simple green top is brought to a whole new level with structured shoulder sleeves and the black zip giving it a modern twist.

This striped top is made of a lovely silky material. The back of the top is slightly longer than the front making it  easy to pair it with a pair of leggings.

This is definitely my favorite buy from yesterday , so simple yet so chic ! The bright yellow is perfect for this season's color blocking trend ! 

If you are on the lookout for any items to suit the color blocking trend you should definitely hit Zara ! Plus , with the sale going on you will definitely find some really good bargains ! These tops were all £17.99 except for the yellow top which was £19.99. , which is not expensive at all for these blouses ( especially if you compare the prices to Topshop! ).

I hope this will help you on your next shopping trip to Zara !