Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Five Things

I may be a teensy weensy late for this post but better late than never , no ? I haven't been blogging for five days I believe ... But I am back on track and my internet is working again ! Even though I haven't been blogging , my camera has been following me pretty much everywhere. Lately , I've been lounging around by the pool , eating ice cream , working out by swimming ( I have to lose all my flab :s ) and reading . Here are a few pictures that pretty much sum up my past week , there may be a little more than five pictures though ...

French Elle with Blake Lively on it ! I , personally , am not a fan of french Elle ... It's just really boring . I would compare it to UK's Grazia because of the gruesome story you get in your weekly magazine .

You have got to love lounging by the pool with the smell of lavenders floating around you - so relaxing . 

This is probably one of my favorite gum . I'm pretty sure you can only find this in France as I have never seen this in the UK... 

Oh , I went vintage shopping on Thursday last week with Mayumi and Amelia . It was super fun and if you ever go to Brick Lane I recommend you pop by Rokit . It's the best vintage store on the road , albeit neither of us bought something ! I think vintage shopping is the hardest because each piece of clothing you find you need to imagine with what you're going to pair it with ! 

My head is slightly chopped off but whatever . This was the highlight of my life . I met Kelly Cutrone and got her latest book , Normal Gets You Nowhere , signed ! Oh My God !  Did you see what she wrote ? This totally made my year . 

Anywho , it is so hot out here and I'm thinking of jumping into the pool . My sister is talking to herself outside and that's probably because she has been watching Zoella's videos with me... She even wants to create her own YouTube Channel and we just filmed her talking about summer make-up ?! 

I have too many ideas of blog posts right now but I'm sure my next post will be about pizza . Ah , pizza ... yum . 


  1. Girl! your blog is awsomeness all wrapped up in a box! I envy what she wrote in your book, ahah I would have been going crazy.