Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tuesday Summary

Today is the first day I didn't go to the pool ! We spent the day in a shopping center and just looking at decoration stores . Fun ! Sarcastic in a way , but I end up liking these shops ... I'm about to move houses as well so I'm kind of looking for ideas for my room .

First store we went to in this shopping center was Sephora ! I had never been to Sephora as a beauty product addict . Haha that sounds kind of weird but it's true. I have only recently been obsessed with anything beauty therefore entering a Sephora store during sales is probably not the wisest thing to do. There were so many Urban Decay lipsticks and lip glosses on sale for a mere 9 euros ! There were also a few Make-Up Forever eye shadows on sale . Not sure of the price though . Oh , and there were a few Sephora lip glosses going for 2 euros ! Yes , and I didn't buy a thing . But I don't really regret that because it's not as if I actually needed any of those ... I know a lot of people buy a ton of makeup and only end up using half of  it but I'm not really that sort of person. I like to finish products I buy ( except if they are really bad of course ) . Anyway , I went to the Urban Decay counter looking for their primer but my eyes somehow brought me to their tinted moisturizer. 

I quickly snapped this picture as I wasn't sure it was allowed and I didn't want to get told off by one of the sales women ... But yeah , have any of you tried this product out ? I really want to try a tinted moisturizer . I don't know I'm sort of fantasizing over them right now. I tried it out on my hand and I guess it gives a medium coverage but that's just what I presume from trying it out on my hand . 

Then , we headed to Cyrillus . Your typical french clothing store , if you visit their website or their store you will probably understand what I mean by that . 

But I'm not really into those sort of clothes so I just took a picture of my outfit . 

Top - Zara
Shorts - Tally Weijl
Shoes - Primark 
Ring - Topshop 

Then we headed to Princesse Tam-Tam ( my mom's favorite lingerie store ) and my sister just sat on their sofas in front of their very princess-like changing rooms . They have some really cute stuff in that store but I just couldn't be bothered to look for new bras or PJ's in that moment . I do recommend this store to any girl , albeit their stuff can get a little pricey , during the sale is a great opportunity for you to buy their oh so cool bras. 

Ha ! There goes my first ever summary of my day . That was fun . I think these will be coming up a lot in the next week or so but rest assured there will also be a review here and there . I should probably go take a shower now ! It's too hot . 

Night x

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