Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Finally , I'm doing a review on Impulse body fragrances . I have been using this since i'm 12 and it has been part of my life on a daily basis . Literally . I'm pretty sure I have not gone a day without using it. I like to have two bottles of these at all times just so I can alternate the scents and not always have to smell the same thing .

Right now these are the two scents i have : True love - freesias muguet and amber notes , Very pink - grapefruit with a sweet base of vanilla scents . 


I don't really have a favorite scent out of all the ones available but I do have a preference for their London and New York scent as well as for any floral-y scent. 

First of all , if you don't know what Impulse is , Impulse is a body fragrance. It's a better alternative to your regular deodorant which has ( most of the time ) anti-perspirants which are actually really bad for you . The word "anti-perspirants" says it all . Your body need to sweat and by using these anti-perspirants you basically stop your body from perspiring. I mean i understand that you don't want to sweat during the day but that's just how it is ! That's why i use these body fragrances on mah pits ( haha there is no other word for that body part i think ... ) to give them a good smell right at the beginning of the day . Best thing about this product ? It is long lasting . Most of the time , I can still smell the scent of the fragrance i chose. As i said before , i have been using this since i was little and have been really pleased with it ! Plus , there is a vast choice of scents to please everyone . I can only say good things about this product. Oh , and if you were wondering how much this product is it's about a pound which is fairly cheap for this bottle which will last you forever . 

If you have any other questions about my blog or this product , don't hesitate to leave a comment below or email me 

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