Sunday, 31 July 2011

Holiday Update .

Hello peeps !

I am so so extremely sorry for not having blogged for the longes time ever . But if you follow me on twitter you must have seen that i have now arrived in Asia ! In Singapore to be more precise and i am now in Bali :) I basically haven't had time to sit down for a few hours and write reviews or just blog. So I'm going to do a rant . It may not be long or it may be the longest post i have ever written but only time will tell ! Maybe i should do a sort of recap of what has happened since my last post ( i was in the South of France during that very last post. )

So after having chilled out with friends and family in the French Riviera , we eventually drove back to London . We arrived on a Sunday night and we had to leave like the following night so i spent my whole Monday doing laundry and getting ready to leave for a three-week holiday in Asia. We arrived in Singapore on Tuesday night and directly went to my aunt's house where we were going to spend the following week at. My mom and sister had the worst jet lag ever but i was sleeping amazingly after the first night ! Although we woke up pretty late ever day ( around 11 or 12 ) so like when we went out we directly headed for some lunch at Ion ! Ion , i f you ask me , is uh-mazing. It's like wayy bigger than Westfield and Westfield ( if you live in London ) is already pretty big so imagine ion ! Plus , there's one whole floor dedicated to food which is .... ( no words to describe ) . LOL No , but seriiously . I haven't eaten chocolate in 2-3 weeks which is one of those things i just don't see myself doing but somehow when i'm in Asia i just don't eat chocolate or anything too sweet just because there are so many other stuff that are yummy. Oh god i'm actually craving some stuff right now . Unfortunately , i can't share any pictures right now because i'm actually writing this post from my dad's laptop because i left mine in Singapore ( I'm in Bali right now. ) but rest assured there will be a post dedicated to all the pictures i took during my trip in Asia. I'm thinking photo diary post like no words just pictures to describe all the amazing things you could possibly find over here!

Anyway , I'm in Bali right now and it is our first day here and it's almost 11pm. Today we wanted to do a little trek in the rice fields but there were all these aggressive stray dogs which were friggin aggressive that we decided to turn around and head back to the hotel. My parents went for a spa while my little sister and i chilled in the room while watching Pretty Little Liars. Then , we had the afternoon tea at the hotel before heading to Ubud where we strolled around the little roads and visited a market selling all sorts of handicrafts , clothes , accessories ... I bought a little present for all of my fuends :)

Uhm , yeah . This is a LONG post . A LONG rambly post ! If you read all the way up to here then THANK YOU ! I probably bored you out with my random stories. I will either be doing a few posts here and there just talking about my trip here or i'll just do a huge photo diary with a little vlog bringing you around Bali ! Heyyy who knows !????

Alrightey ! Ciao me lovers and thanks for reading this !

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