Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Make Up Academy Professional Eye Shadow Palette Review

Okay so you may be wondering where i have been this whole time ? I was travelling. From Bali to Singapore, i was changing places too often for me to actually settle down and blog. I really missed this stuff :( But i'm back now ! So here is my review i am writing at 7.30am because i'm jet lagged ! Here we go.

( all of the pictures in this post were taken like the day i got these palettes which explains why they are somewhat clean. LOL)

I own three of their eye shadow palettes : Starry Night, Dusk till Dawn and Heaven and Earth ( my favorite ).  Before i get into the description and thoughts on each of the palettes i thought i would talk about the overall product. I'm sure you have read numerous reviews about this product , and if you have not i'm glad i'm your first one, and everyone talks about how pigmented these eye shadows are and to be honest i believed them but not at a 100% so i figured i had to try it out myself. You guys , i was blown away. This palette containing 12 different eye shadow colors cost £4 and they are really well pigmented. I don't think you can ask for more ! and being a beginner i didn't want to splurge on MAC eye shadows just yet. I think these eye shadows are great for people who are starting off their make-up collection and sort of want to have the basic colors to be able to play around. I mean seriously i don't think i'm going to be purchasing any other eye shadows because these ones are so easy to blend in and make super nice looks that i'm thinking why pay so much more when for £4 you get 12 great eye shadows ? Just saying.... Oh and they stay on for around 6 hours without primer. 

Close-up on Starry Night ( i'm such an ass i only took half of the palette but just so you know the other half of the palette has darker shades of purple, blues and grays) 

Description of the palette : A dramatic collection of eye shadows that will add ultimate glamour to your night out.

Dusk til Dawn : A versatile collection of eye shadows that will transform your look from day to night. 

Heaven and Earth: A beautiful collection of eye shadows that will enhance your eyes to give the perfect natural look. 

These 3 palettes contain enough colors to create any sort of look. I prefer Heaven and Earth for all it's neutral colors that look amazing day and night ! I can't say enough good things about these palettes to be honest ! 

Go grab your own professional eye shadow palette at your local Superdrug for £4 ! Don't forget to check out  Make-Up Academy's new Professional range :) I'm thinking of getting their primer ! 

Talk to y'all soon.

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