Saturday, 16 July 2011

Valbonne Market

Every Friday there's this market going on in the village near my holiday house so it always ends up being the highlight of the week cause they always have amazing food , jewelry , clothes ... Anything you can think of to be honest. Every time we go to this market we buy the most amazing olives i have ever eaten in the whole entire world. It also is the stall with the longest queues but it is totally worth the wait . Plus , during your wait there are a variety of their products you can nibble on which makes you want to buy too many stuff because they are all so freaking good. Anyway , we bought olives and tapenades ... oh and this amazing bread they sell on the market and it kind of reminds people of the ole days when you had to queue for your bread and blahblahblah ( i overheard old ladies in  the queue conversing about this ). Eavesdropping much ? enough blabbing and let me show you a few pictures i snapped during this wonderful morning .

These bracelets are amazing . They are made with a liberty print material and some of them have swarovski on them ( the lady selling these kept repeating this to me so i just had to mention it ! lol ) . They were pretty cute but we decided to look around first to see if there were nicer bracelets elsewhere...

Yum . I love these sort of hams and they had such a wide selection there . We could even try them :)

Ahhh there were even crepes. Totally craving this stuff right now . Crepes + Nutella *drooling*

Some lovely flowers of the region... Apparently the yellow ones are super rare. Yeah .  

Ohhh and there was this guy selling a humongous variety of spices and salts and all that kind of crap . We bought lavender which i will be using to make cakes and stuff like that so stay tuned for that.  

We waited rightly so for the bracelets because we found this uh-mazing stall with uh-mazing bracelets. My little sister got the one above and i got one with the same liberty print except there's this huge skull at the end !  

There you have it ! A little insight of Valbonne's Market. If you ever visit the south east of France and you're around Nice or Cannes do go visit the adorable village of Valbonne on a Friday so that you can visit their market as well ! 



  1. The bracelets all look so adorable! I can't wait to go to the markets when I go to Spain! xo

  2. I love visiting markets.
    There are three big markets next to my office that are open 6 days a week and I go there from time to time.
    I love the colors, how busy they are and of course the prices.
    So if you ever visit Tel Aviv (Israel), you should check them out.

  3. Love the bracelets, great blog, now following.

    Sadie x