Tuesday, 28 June 2011

This Month's Magazine.

I'm not the kind of person who splurges on magazine's. Don't get me wrong , I love reading magazines but I just don't see the point in spending all your money on a ton of them so I've recently decided to buy one magazine a month. Obviously , there are too many magazines out there to choose from so I will try to choose the best one and this month the magazine I chose is ...

InStyle UK July 2011 ! 

If you ask me which magazine you should buy right now I would totally recommend you get this one ! It comes with a £5 GIFT CARD FOR BODY SHOP !  It doesn't get any better does it !? I haven't read it in depth but it certainly isn't a boring issue ! An article I can't wait to read is the 10 Beauty Buys To Change Your Life , somehow this title really attracts me. 

I hoped this helped you with your choice of this month's magazine. 

Talk to you all very soon ! 


Five Things

I thought I'd start doing this post every Monday , it basically involves 5 pictures rounding up everything I have done / loved this week.

{ First time I've been to a Mexican restaurant in London - I loved it. }

{ I got to see Rafael Nadal during practice at Wimbledon. It is always special to see him . }

{ Hot weather = Picnic in parks. Sandwiches and crisps are very much involved. }

{ Visited the English Countryside about and hour and a half drive from London. }

{ Enjoyed a face mask after a rather stressful month. }

Monday, 27 June 2011

My Nail Polish Collection

It is absolutely boiling in London as I type this ! I've even read in local newspapers that it's hotter than the Caribbeans ! So on this scorching Monday I thought I would do a post on my Nail Polish Collection which , I have to say , is not very wide...

These are probably my three oldest nail polishes. From left to right :
This passion red nail polish from Maybelline used to be my favorite nail polish till it got all sticky. It did last me 3 years though !
This Essence Multi-dimension nail polish in Groovy is a sort of Turquoise. I haven't used it in a long time but it is still very much intact and not gooey.
The last bottle is from P2 and I bought a long time ago as well while I was looking for a nail polish similar to Chanel's Rouge Noir. This is what I found but I have to say it needs a few coats to get that Rouge Noir color. 
First of all I have to say I absolutely love Rimmel's Pro Nail Polishes because of the maxi brush ! The brush is probably the easiest brush I have ever used ! It just glides through your nails making an almost perfect manicure. Also , the nail polishes are really well tinted which means you only need to apply one coat on your nails ! From left to right  : 
I love Glam Goth during the cold winter months but it is also a great color for your toes during summer !

I am not a huge fan of Purple Addict ... I just think the color is a little too kitsch ! 

This nail tip whitener is great if you want to give yourself a french manicure. To be honest , I have never tried doing a french manicure with this but I will try very soon !

This base coat is absolutely amazing if you want to wear it on it's own as a clear nail polish . It claims it makes your nails stronger but I don't totally agree with that .... It does protect them well though.

I have already done a review on these nail polishes . If you want to know what I think about them click here.

Barry M is probably my favorite nail polish brand out there ! They have all the colors you can think of , they're easy to apply on your nails and I can't wait to add more of their nail polishes to my collection :) 

There you have it peeps , my nail polish collection ! I warned you it wouldn't be as amazing as Blair Fowler but I'm very happy with what I have ! I'm waiting for Rafa Nadal to get on Centre Court to finish my day with some tennis ...I hope you liked this post and I will talk to y'all very soon ! 


Sunday, 26 June 2011

A day in Wimbledon ...

Hey peeps !

What up ? What's going on in your lives ? I've had a pretty fun start to this week-end and it all started on FRIDAY ! Totally random but I have a major headache right now . Ugh ! It is so majorly annoying but I'm going to try and make it through this post ! Let's kick start with these amazing pictures from the one and only.... *drum roll* RAFAEL NADAL ! Ah !!!! I am a MAJOR and when I say major I mean it , Rafa fan . So off I went to see him practice this Friday against this Chinese dude but I didn't take pictures of him OBVIOUSLY.

Again , sorry for the quality of the pictures but when you're running around Wimbledon those huge cameras aren't exactly the easiest stuff to carry so I took my Lumix camera again ! 

I'll try to , briefly , explain my day at Wimbledon... The second I got into The Grounds ( that is after a 4-hour queue ) , I headed to the Practice courts and that is when I saw Nadal ! I took a few or maybe too many pictures of him and then headed to the autograph island to get his autograph. YOU GUYS , he was THIS close to me but like honestly what do you tell the guy when you're that close to him ?! Some girls next to me were screaming in his face : " I LOVE YOU RAFAAA!" but I just had a smile on my face and that just about said it all about how I felt in that moment :) Then I watched Djokovic practice , got his autograph and went to grab some lunch because it was 3pm ! After lunch , I went to watch Richard Gasquet's match against some Italian guy ! I didn't stay too long because my mom  called me and told me she was queuing to get on Court 3 to watch Monfils and I thought that match would end up being a little more entertaining ! So I get to the queue start chatting with my mom's friends and out of nowhere comes ROGER FEDERER . My mom's friend who doesn't really know anything about tennis just screamed out Monfils's name ; "GAEL!" thinking he was the one who was walking out. I mean just imagine the scene Roger Federer comes out of nowhere and a lady isn't even capable to recognise him !? Federer glanced at her with a big smile which was basically saying : " How could you not know who I am !? " . Anyway , it was pretty funny ! My day ended on the centre court thanks to friends who were just given tickets to the centre court by trainers ! We were seated right behind Murray's mom during his match ( to be honest I don't like Murray or his mom ) ! I expected the Centre Court to be so much bigger than it is ! I was really surprised actually but it was overall a great experience to be on one of the best centre courts of the world ! 

Wow , this ended up being a really long post and I don't even know if you guys understand anything I have written above ! I just have so many things to say but I'm trying to condense it all a little ! I'll try to do shorter / well-explained posts in the future. For now , this is goodbye. 

( That sounded very Talk Show-ish . Pretty random. ) 

I hope you liked this and I will be doing a review tomorrow ! 

Thursday, 23 June 2011


Holla Peeps ! 

How are you all doing ? I know I said  would write a post a day but then I realized that maybe a post a day would be too much and you guys would get irritated by it . So , I've decided a blog post every other day is what I'm going to go for ! Enough of me blabbing about how many times I will be blogging at let's start talking about this uber-cool restaurant we went to last night ! 
So it was Francesca's Birthday so we had to take her out and Natalia decided we should go to Wahaca. BEST . IDEA , EVER . The food was delish , the atmosphere was amazing and it was overall a great night ! 

We were asked to wait for 40 mins so we decided to hang outside of the restaurant .... ON THE SIDEWALK . People were looking at us so weirdly it was kind of funny . 

Yummy tacos with guacamole ! This was given to us free because we waited for like an hour and fifteen minutes instead of 40 mins...

Natalia ( in the background ) , Francesca  and I got a citrus fizz .

Haha Natalia hiding behind her Tostadas !

This is what I got , on the left , Chicken guajillo Tostadas and on the right Black beans and cheese Quesedillas.

You know how restaurants always give matches ... I expected to see matches in this but .... I was wrong .

These are actually chilli seeds for you to grow at home ! How cool !? I grabbed quite a few and sure will be growing some Serrano Chilli at home ! 

I will do a restaurant review very soon ! I just have too many ideas right now for blog posts that I have to control myself from posting too many posts a day ! By the way , I'm really sorry for the quality of my pictures ! I didn't want to bring my big fat black Nikon camera so I took my Lumix ! Anywho , I will talk to you all very soon ! 


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

pocketful of sunshine


I'm back from planet revisons .As far as I know , it was hell . The most stressful months and weeks of my life ! I am so glad it is finally over and I can get back to my normal life. Today was the first day of summer as well ! and the sun was out in London Town :) You've got to love that especially when the weather forecast was RAIN . Okay , so I don't know about you but when I finish such a big exam the first thing on my mind is .... I WANT TO SHOP . As crazy as it sounds that's all I wanted to do ! So I headed to Harrods which is actually having a sale right now then I went to Topshop and ended up at Boots.

First up , I got this ring at Topshop for half price ! It's a pretty simple ring but I actually lack of those simple items . I realize that I only focus on getting really sophisticated items that I end up forgetting to buy the classics. So here's one of those simple rings ! 

I finished off at Boots with these two lovely colors from Barry M ! I wanted to get Blue Moon but as I saw these two colors I fell in love instantly and had to get them both ! They are already on my nails and I will be doing a sort of nail of the day sometime this week ! Pink Flamingo is a sort of bright pink and it actually is the same color as a flamingo so the name really does describe it well. Then the other color Strawberry Ice Cream is probably my favorite out of both . It's a sort of pale pink but not too pale...  I don't know how to explain the color but it's absolutely beautiful..Then I was in need of a make-up remover for the whole face and decided to try this one out ! 
Barry M - Each nailpolish £2.99 ; Boots Cleansing Lotion £1.42

There you have it ! I wanted to post this way earlier but I ended up talking on the phone for two hours with a friend and as soon as I got home I cleaned my whole room ( which is squeaky clean right now and I honestly don't remember the last time it was this tidy . ) ! Expect posts everyday :) It's the holidays people I'm on a roll ! Have a whole list of posts I want to do ! SO EXCITED . 

Do you have any requests of posts ? Please leave a comment below if you do ! 


Friday, 17 June 2011


Hey Guys !
So as you may or may not have seen I have been MIA recently ... The reason ? Exams . And you probably know that through Twitter ! Today , was my last day for all written exams and now I just have one more exam left ! An oral one . I know it may sound like the easiest thing a French Oral ( especially if you are french ) but it really isn't ! Basically , we need to learn 30 texts and when I mean learn I mean be capable to talk about it during 10 mins and on top of that whatever you say needs to answer a question . Okay , it may still sound as an easy task but the amount of things we need to know is RIDICULOUS. I don't even want to try listing it here ! Anyway , I just thought I owed you an explanation ! I'm taking a break from this hectic week on this Friday night but I sure will be back to work tomorrow morning ... YAY ! :/ Enough of my rambling that I'm sure no one will read because that's how much it's BORING .

Oh , but something that may or may not interest you is... I CREATED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL ! Yup . I will probably be filming videos ! About what ? That's a really good question ! If you have any ideas please do leave a comment or tweet me @Laurac15 :)

My blogging will go back to it's normal rhythm on Tuesday afternoon ! Because it will all be over ! :)

Ciao amigos x

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Lace and Red Lip

Lace and Red Lip

3 1 Phillip Lim floral dress
780 GBP - harveynichols.com

TopShop trench coat
$180 - topshop.com

Yves Saint Laurent high heels
595 EUR - montaignemarket.com

Stella McCartney clutch handbag
$557 - net-a-porter.com

Nars Cosmetics 3.4g Semi-matte lipstick
17 GBP - houseoffraser.co.uk

Zara Home - Cushions
3.50 GBP - zarahome.com