Sunday, 26 June 2011

A day in Wimbledon ...

Hey peeps !

What up ? What's going on in your lives ? I've had a pretty fun start to this week-end and it all started on FRIDAY ! Totally random but I have a major headache right now . Ugh ! It is so majorly annoying but I'm going to try and make it through this post ! Let's kick start with these amazing pictures from the one and only.... *drum roll* RAFAEL NADAL ! Ah !!!! I am a MAJOR and when I say major I mean it , Rafa fan . So off I went to see him practice this Friday against this Chinese dude but I didn't take pictures of him OBVIOUSLY.

Again , sorry for the quality of the pictures but when you're running around Wimbledon those huge cameras aren't exactly the easiest stuff to carry so I took my Lumix camera again ! 

I'll try to , briefly , explain my day at Wimbledon... The second I got into The Grounds ( that is after a 4-hour queue ) , I headed to the Practice courts and that is when I saw Nadal ! I took a few or maybe too many pictures of him and then headed to the autograph island to get his autograph. YOU GUYS , he was THIS close to me but like honestly what do you tell the guy when you're that close to him ?! Some girls next to me were screaming in his face : " I LOVE YOU RAFAAA!" but I just had a smile on my face and that just about said it all about how I felt in that moment :) Then I watched Djokovic practice , got his autograph and went to grab some lunch because it was 3pm ! After lunch , I went to watch Richard Gasquet's match against some Italian guy ! I didn't stay too long because my mom  called me and told me she was queuing to get on Court 3 to watch Monfils and I thought that match would end up being a little more entertaining ! So I get to the queue start chatting with my mom's friends and out of nowhere comes ROGER FEDERER . My mom's friend who doesn't really know anything about tennis just screamed out Monfils's name ; "GAEL!" thinking he was the one who was walking out. I mean just imagine the scene Roger Federer comes out of nowhere and a lady isn't even capable to recognise him !? Federer glanced at her with a big smile which was basically saying : " How could you not know who I am !? " . Anyway , it was pretty funny ! My day ended on the centre court thanks to friends who were just given tickets to the centre court by trainers ! We were seated right behind Murray's mom during his match ( to be honest I don't like Murray or his mom ) ! I expected the Centre Court to be so much bigger than it is ! I was really surprised actually but it was overall a great experience to be on one of the best centre courts of the world ! 

Wow , this ended up being a really long post and I don't even know if you guys understand anything I have written above ! I just have so many things to say but I'm trying to condense it all a little ! I'll try to do shorter / well-explained posts in the future. For now , this is goodbye. 

( That sounded very Talk Show-ish . Pretty random. ) 

I hope you liked this and I will be doing a review tomorrow ! 

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