Monday, 27 June 2011

My Nail Polish Collection

It is absolutely boiling in London as I type this ! I've even read in local newspapers that it's hotter than the Caribbeans ! So on this scorching Monday I thought I would do a post on my Nail Polish Collection which , I have to say , is not very wide...

These are probably my three oldest nail polishes. From left to right :
This passion red nail polish from Maybelline used to be my favorite nail polish till it got all sticky. It did last me 3 years though !
This Essence Multi-dimension nail polish in Groovy is a sort of Turquoise. I haven't used it in a long time but it is still very much intact and not gooey.
The last bottle is from P2 and I bought a long time ago as well while I was looking for a nail polish similar to Chanel's Rouge Noir. This is what I found but I have to say it needs a few coats to get that Rouge Noir color. 
First of all I have to say I absolutely love Rimmel's Pro Nail Polishes because of the maxi brush ! The brush is probably the easiest brush I have ever used ! It just glides through your nails making an almost perfect manicure. Also , the nail polishes are really well tinted which means you only need to apply one coat on your nails ! From left to right  : 
I love Glam Goth during the cold winter months but it is also a great color for your toes during summer !

I am not a huge fan of Purple Addict ... I just think the color is a little too kitsch ! 

This nail tip whitener is great if you want to give yourself a french manicure. To be honest , I have never tried doing a french manicure with this but I will try very soon !

This base coat is absolutely amazing if you want to wear it on it's own as a clear nail polish . It claims it makes your nails stronger but I don't totally agree with that .... It does protect them well though.

I have already done a review on these nail polishes . If you want to know what I think about them click here.

Barry M is probably my favorite nail polish brand out there ! They have all the colors you can think of , they're easy to apply on your nails and I can't wait to add more of their nail polishes to my collection :) 

There you have it peeps , my nail polish collection ! I warned you it wouldn't be as amazing as Blair Fowler but I'm very happy with what I have ! I'm waiting for Rafa Nadal to get on Centre Court to finish my day with some tennis ...I hope you liked this post and I will talk to y'all very soon ! 


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