Thursday, 23 June 2011


Holla Peeps ! 

How are you all doing ? I know I said  would write a post a day but then I realized that maybe a post a day would be too much and you guys would get irritated by it . So , I've decided a blog post every other day is what I'm going to go for ! Enough of me blabbing about how many times I will be blogging at let's start talking about this uber-cool restaurant we went to last night ! 
So it was Francesca's Birthday so we had to take her out and Natalia decided we should go to Wahaca. BEST . IDEA , EVER . The food was delish , the atmosphere was amazing and it was overall a great night ! 

We were asked to wait for 40 mins so we decided to hang outside of the restaurant .... ON THE SIDEWALK . People were looking at us so weirdly it was kind of funny . 

Yummy tacos with guacamole ! This was given to us free because we waited for like an hour and fifteen minutes instead of 40 mins...

Natalia ( in the background ) , Francesca  and I got a citrus fizz .

Haha Natalia hiding behind her Tostadas !

This is what I got , on the left , Chicken guajillo Tostadas and on the right Black beans and cheese Quesedillas.

You know how restaurants always give matches ... I expected to see matches in this but .... I was wrong .

These are actually chilli seeds for you to grow at home ! How cool !? I grabbed quite a few and sure will be growing some Serrano Chilli at home ! 

I will do a restaurant review very soon ! I just have too many ideas right now for blog posts that I have to control myself from posting too many posts a day ! By the way , I'm really sorry for the quality of my pictures ! I didn't want to bring my big fat black Nikon camera so I took my Lumix ! Anywho , I will talk to you all very soon ! 



  1. i love mexican food!!
    very nice post!!

    kisses <3

  2. OMG ! Yes mexican food is amazing . If you come to London once you deffo need to check this place out :)