Friday, 17 June 2011


Hey Guys !
So as you may or may not have seen I have been MIA recently ... The reason ? Exams . And you probably know that through Twitter ! Today , was my last day for all written exams and now I just have one more exam left ! An oral one . I know it may sound like the easiest thing a French Oral ( especially if you are french ) but it really isn't ! Basically , we need to learn 30 texts and when I mean learn I mean be capable to talk about it during 10 mins and on top of that whatever you say needs to answer a question . Okay , it may still sound as an easy task but the amount of things we need to know is RIDICULOUS. I don't even want to try listing it here ! Anyway , I just thought I owed you an explanation ! I'm taking a break from this hectic week on this Friday night but I sure will be back to work tomorrow morning ... YAY ! :/ Enough of my rambling that I'm sure no one will read because that's how much it's BORING .

Oh , but something that may or may not interest you is... I CREATED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL ! Yup . I will probably be filming videos ! About what ? That's a really good question ! If you have any ideas please do leave a comment or tweet me @Laurac15 :)

My blogging will go back to it's normal rhythm on Tuesday afternoon ! Because it will all be over ! :)

Ciao amigos x


  1. Cool pic! I would like to have shoes like that :) And your blog is awesome :)

  2. I know I absolutely love the studs underneath the shoe ! Unfortunately , I am not the proud owner of the pic or the shoe :(

  3. Thank you @LauraK ! it means a lot to hear from the readers :) Glad you enjoy my blog !

  4. Oh my, those shoes are to die for !