Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dinner For One

There's something I really like about being alone. Maybe it's because I have my own space and don't have to be bothered about what other people in the household are doing to do what i've got to do... One thing I know I love when being alone is preparing my food. Lame ? I think not. 

I love my assortment plates where I mix a variety of small dishes. It just makes the whole eating-alone thing so much more fun (lol i get excited for small things). Seriously though, it totally feels like you're eating more when you're not eating that much ! Last night on my 'assortment plate', I had a little tomato salad with feta cheese and green olives, prosciutto and mozzarella tortelloni and salmon fishcake. 

What do you guys prepare yourselves when you're on your own ? SHARE ! :) 

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