Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Nail Of The Day : Essie Wicked

There's nothing like your good ole dark red. Feminine, elegant and it just makes your hands look so.... ah.   Augustine (yeah you girl i know you're reading this) gave me this little gem as a Christmas present (the girl knows me well) and ever since it's been one of my favourite nail polishes to wear. 

Isn't it lovely? I'm pretty much obsessed with Essie's nail polishes to be honest and now that they are available at the Boots in Marble Arch (with a new apparently better, wider brush!!!!!!)............... My bank account is going to suffer. Because of revisions,(someone help me.) I can't really justify taking a 20-min tube ride just for nail polishes... Although I almost did it yesterday ! *slaps hand* I know it's bad. 

Back to revising the ever so interesting decolonisation followed by a little history on wester europe from 1945 to today. Oh and top that up with a little lesson on perception, culture, art... there's many more themes. Weirdly enough, philosophy is the funnest thing to revise. Okay, I should stop rambling about all this and dive back into my intense revisions. 

P.S I'm loving the rain. There's nothing like being sat at your desk with a cup of coffee revising your history while looking at the rain drops slide down your windowpane... 

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