Friday, 13 April 2012

Who's Going To Prom ?

.... I AM ! 

It's the time of the year where all girls start looking frantically for their prom dress. I think some people have already had their prom but mine is in about 3 weeks. Because I live in the UK it's not the traditional american prom where you need to have a date and it's not as formal as the US but still! It's a great excuse to dress up. I have already got my dress from Lipsy and I will be sharing it with you on the day I wear it. 
Although I have my dress I still did check out what was on the market so here are a few dresses I thought I'd share with you guys :) 


This first number is a really cute girly dress for all you girls who aren't too much into bright colours for prom ! This dress is from Miss Selfridge and you can find it here .


When you look at this dress it looks really simple and there's nothing too intriguing about it (apart from the hi-lo going on or the fish tail as some of you might call it. I think if it's well accessorised and paired with a nice pair of shoes (i'm thinking strappy metallic-y gold heels or a neon pink heel. ha!) it will look just right for the occasion. This dress is from Topshop and you can find it here ! 


I really like this dress mainly for it's train.The only thing that I see as a bad thing about this dress is the fact that it's bandeau. It can get quite irritating whilst dancing to always have to bring it up... Hmm. From Topshop, you can find it here!

This dress is almost perfect ! I wish there weren't those little embellishments. Great dress to show off your legs plus you're most probably going to get some heads turning with the colour of this dress - neon yellow (yeah baby!). From Topshop, check it out here !

This is an amazing embellished dress but I don't think we can say the same about the price tag ! But if you do have some extra pounds to spend then all you need to do is click the checkout button ;) From French Connection, find it here!

I took forever to write this post up ! Oh boy. For the past few days I've been just lying in bed feeling awful, desperately trying to revise for my exams which are in exactly two friggin months. Okay, I shall stop freaking myself out. 

Hope you guys have a nice week-end and I'm just going to snuggle up in bed and watch BRIDESMAIDS ! Never seen it before but i've heard some good things. 


  1. Love the first dress! We never had prom when I was at school, such a shame! xx

  2. I love the first dress, it's so delicate-looking :) For my prom I went all out in a red, puffy princess dress... I kind of wish I had gone for something a little more grown up and streamlined now though.

    Frances xx