Saturday, 30 April 2011

Outfit Of The Day

Hey guys !

I was hanging around the internet and found this website called Fashionlogie or Fashionsociety? Okay I totally forgot the name of the website ! But my point is I went through this album they have on the website called Stylist's portfolio and I came up with an uber-cool idea. Why not do some styling myself ? So off I went on all of  my favorite store websites and I decided to assemble a few outfits mixed with designer and high-street. I hope you like this outfit I just created ! :D

{ Please excuse my Paint skills ! :s } 
From top left , Electric Blue Top by Topshop , Nude Clutch by Gucci found on Net-a-Porter, Bright Orange Pants by Zara ( they have quite a few colors for you to choose from ) , Yellow Flats by Topshop

I would've dressed up like this today just because we are having some lovely weather here in the UK and there's no better way to express yourself with COLORS ! 

I may do more of these before the day ends ! 

Girl Crush : Mila Kunis

Guys , Girls admit it . Mila Kunis is HOT . She has gorgeous eyes , flawless skin her hair is amazing not to mention her body. I recently watched Ellen Degeneres and she was on with Justin Timberlake. That's when I realized what a natural beauty she is. I always spotted her on the red carpet with her eye-catching dresses but I never really looked at her face therefore I never realized how pretty she was . Here are a few pictures ,if you're not familiar with her , which will show you exactly what I'm talking about ! Enjoy ! :) 

Friday, 29 April 2011


Okay , you guys I totally failed on this one . I was supposed to post this last night but I studied till late and then eventually fell asleep ! But anyway here's my tutorial !

To start off , you are going to need a base coat (obviously!) , a dark colored nailpolish ( it can be dark purple , dark blue , black ? ) , white and red ! You can find the details of the products I used.
 What I like about this base coat is that it's got a bit of glitter in it so you can even wear this on its own ! 

I strongly recommend this range of nalpolishes by Rimmel ! The brush is incredible . It's really easy to use and it basically covers your nail of the varnish in a stroke or two.

 This is the end result ! I only put the Union Jack on one of my nails but you can do it on all of them! 
P.S I kind of fail at doing drawings on my nails ... I'm sure y'all can do it better than me ! Haha
 1) First , apply base coat onto all of your nails.
 2) Apply your dark-colored nail polish .
 3) Take a toothpick to draw your cross using the white nail polish!
4) Then take another tookthpick but this time using the red nail polish to draw a smaller cross on top of the white one ! All that's left to do is add the diagonal lines and you are DONE ! 

Easy huh ? But pretty cool ! Now that the wedding is over why don't you wear this when you head out tonight ! ( I'm sorry if my tutorial is crappy I just thought it would be fun.) If you want me to do more tutorials leave a comment below ! 


Credits to Fleur De Force , the tutorial comes from her :) Check out her youtube channel for more tutorials and beauty products reviewed ! 

Thursday, 28 April 2011


Hey guys ! I've decided to do haul posts everytime I go shopping ! That's right , just like those haul videos you find on youtube except that my haul is basically going to be pictures of the items and what they look like when they are worn ! So here goes my very first haul ! First stop was Superdrug , I was on the hunt for a mud mask but I couldn't find any except this one which is from Superdrug.. I actually don't really like the idea of buying a product from a drug store like this one but after reading a review on Holly's blog I figured I would try it out !

This was £2,59 !

Next and last stop was H&M where I got ..... RINGS ! You guys , I have an obsession with rings and I couldn't think of a better place to get some ! 

 I have been looking for a ring with an animal on it for like EVER . When I found this I didn't even need to think twice , i just got it . This ring was £3.99 . 

These two rings come together and are meant to be worn together . I absolutely LOVE how these two colors mix so well. Everything from the little details on the two rings like the cracked up 'precious stone' ( it's not even near from precious. haha ) and even the carvings on the orange ring . ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS . I have a feeling these two items are going to be a staple this spring/summer ! 

P.S Stay tuned for the Royal Wedding inspired manicure TONIGHT ! :)

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

love is in the water love is in the air show me where to look tell me will love be there ?

What do you do on a bright and sunny day while you're working ? YOU EAT . 

Check it out ! Some homemade chocolate frappe !  C'est bon ;) 

But that wasn't enough so I added a biscotte and a liitle piece of Lindt chocolate ! YUMMY 
I ended up giving myself a manicure ... But not any kind of manicure ! A ROYAL WEDDING INSPIRED ONE . ( haha) 

I'll do a post and this manicure tomorrow . If you guys want the recipe for a chocolate frappe leave a comment in the box below ! Do you want me to post more recipes ? I love to cook , bake so I'd love to share it with you guys ! 
Bye for now :D

Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Week-End

You are probably wondering what I did during the Easter week-end ... ( NOT . ) I guess most of you guys went on egg hunts or probably had barbecues because of the great weather we are having ! But I stayed home and watched tennis and ate and I did my nails today with a union jack on them . Yeah , oh and most of all I have been revising for my exams . What a life . Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of my holidays ... NOTE : There are a few random pictures I took .

I have been chewing on a lot of gum lately ! Mainly because of all the stress I get from revising :/

Sunday, 24 April 2011


Excuse my sudden urge to post a lot . I just feel like blogging , talking , blogging more and talking to ... my blog . I don't know if anyone really reads this blog ... and sometimes I wonder. Even if I am not an Emily  ,a  Chiara  or  a Caroline , I still want to blog and get better and share this with people ( even if i don't have followers haha ) . As Justin Bieber would say , NEVER SAY NEVER and I'm gonna go with that . Never Say Never because one day who knows people may actually read my blog and appreciate my posts ! Dream big because dreaming is believing and I believe . So if anyone is reading this post , I basically wanted to ask you guys what you want me to blog about and what you don't like about my blog etc.

You Got The Love

Yet another victory from the Spaniard aka Rafa Nadal aka (one of ) My Idol(s) . If you guys still don't know, not only do I have a slight obsession with tennis but I also am one of those hard core Rafa Nadal supporters . #hellyeah

Gilly Girl

I just popped onto Gilly Hicks 's website to check what was in and spankin new ! ;) Here are a few items that caught my eye during the visit .. 

Although I absolutely love these items , the price kind of puts me off :s Especially the skirt which is £50 ! I mean I don't mind the top which is £36 because it's got a nice print and cut and the ruffles are cute. But the skirt is pretty plain and has nothing extraordinary (but i still like it :/ ) ... I just realized that all the products I have selected have ruffles on them . I probably have a hidden obsession.. hmm *walking towards closet to check if she has a lot of ruffled clothes *

I know that you may think that i'm a broken little bird in my mind

Happy Easter everyone ! I thought i'd share some pictures on a lovely Sunday...

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