Friday, 29 April 2011


Okay , you guys I totally failed on this one . I was supposed to post this last night but I studied till late and then eventually fell asleep ! But anyway here's my tutorial !

To start off , you are going to need a base coat (obviously!) , a dark colored nailpolish ( it can be dark purple , dark blue , black ? ) , white and red ! You can find the details of the products I used.
 What I like about this base coat is that it's got a bit of glitter in it so you can even wear this on its own ! 

I strongly recommend this range of nalpolishes by Rimmel ! The brush is incredible . It's really easy to use and it basically covers your nail of the varnish in a stroke or two.

 This is the end result ! I only put the Union Jack on one of my nails but you can do it on all of them! 
P.S I kind of fail at doing drawings on my nails ... I'm sure y'all can do it better than me ! Haha
 1) First , apply base coat onto all of your nails.
 2) Apply your dark-colored nail polish .
 3) Take a toothpick to draw your cross using the white nail polish!
4) Then take another tookthpick but this time using the red nail polish to draw a smaller cross on top of the white one ! All that's left to do is add the diagonal lines and you are DONE ! 

Easy huh ? But pretty cool ! Now that the wedding is over why don't you wear this when you head out tonight ! ( I'm sorry if my tutorial is crappy I just thought it would be fun.) If you want me to do more tutorials leave a comment below ! 


Credits to Fleur De Force , the tutorial comes from her :) Check out her youtube channel for more tutorials and beauty products reviewed ! 


  1. that's really bad.
    you need mch more practice