Thursday, 28 April 2011


Hey guys ! I've decided to do haul posts everytime I go shopping ! That's right , just like those haul videos you find on youtube except that my haul is basically going to be pictures of the items and what they look like when they are worn ! So here goes my very first haul ! First stop was Superdrug , I was on the hunt for a mud mask but I couldn't find any except this one which is from Superdrug.. I actually don't really like the idea of buying a product from a drug store like this one but after reading a review on Holly's blog I figured I would try it out !

This was £2,59 !

Next and last stop was H&M where I got ..... RINGS ! You guys , I have an obsession with rings and I couldn't think of a better place to get some ! 

 I have been looking for a ring with an animal on it for like EVER . When I found this I didn't even need to think twice , i just got it . This ring was £3.99 . 

These two rings come together and are meant to be worn together . I absolutely LOVE how these two colors mix so well. Everything from the little details on the two rings like the cracked up 'precious stone' ( it's not even near from precious. haha ) and even the carvings on the orange ring . ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS . I have a feeling these two items are going to be a staple this spring/summer ! 

P.S Stay tuned for the Royal Wedding inspired manicure TONIGHT ! :)

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