Wednesday, 27 April 2011

love is in the water love is in the air show me where to look tell me will love be there ?

What do you do on a bright and sunny day while you're working ? YOU EAT . 

Check it out ! Some homemade chocolate frappe !  C'est bon ;) 

But that wasn't enough so I added a biscotte and a liitle piece of Lindt chocolate ! YUMMY 
I ended up giving myself a manicure ... But not any kind of manicure ! A ROYAL WEDDING INSPIRED ONE . ( haha) 

I'll do a post and this manicure tomorrow . If you guys want the recipe for a chocolate frappe leave a comment in the box below ! Do you want me to post more recipes ? I love to cook , bake so I'd love to share it with you guys ! 
Bye for now :D


  1. pretty! can't wait to see this manicure :)

  2. Hope you will like it :) I'm putting up the post tonight because y'all need to get your nails ready for the big day ;)