Thursday, 29 December 2011

Melvita's La Petite Ruche

Hey girls,

Today I have a rather exciting post for you (I don't know I was just excited to share this with you...) ! A few weeks ago I was introduced to Melvita. Never heard of it ? Neither had I. But it sure is one of those brands you want to know of. Trust me.

Melvita was founded by biologist and beekeeper, Bernard Chevilliait. He moved to the South East of France with his brother to set up a bee farm and a few years later created Melvita, currently the largest certified organic brand in France. You can definitely feel that the founder wanted to share his love for nature and more specifically his love for Provence. He uses a lot of  ingredients such as lavender, rosemary, geranium, to name a few, all very Provence-y scents (I love.) and of course honey. I think this is enough information you need to know about the brand now let's talk products.

Before writing this post I tried on all of the products and I am in love. The main ingredients in this range of products are Thyme, Acacia, Orange Blossom and of course HONEY. Now if you suffer of dry skin then this is probably going to be your go-to product. Why ? Honey instantly replenishes lost nutrients, it thickens the dermal and epidermal layers of your skin and is able to treat the causes of dry skin to prevent it from coming back. Hello! What more can yo ask for. 

Apicosma Skin-softening nourishing body milk* ( Full Size £17.50) feels amazing when applied to your skin. It absorbs so quickly and leaves your body feeling baby-soft. It smells of apricot which is weird because there is no apricot in the product but the scent isn't too strong and quickly goes away. Definitely going to use this on my legs for the next few days cause us girls all want to have schexy legs for the new year don't we ? ;) 

Apicosma Repairing Lip Balm* (£7) is my new favorite lip balm. Hands down. The blend of Argan oil , Beeswax and Shea Butter leave your lips feeling oh-so-soft without leaving any residue. This is probably my favorite out of the 3 ! I can't stop applying it on my lips.

Apicosma Extra-Rich Hand Cream* ( Full Size £16.50) is going straight in my hand bag. I actually have this on my hands right now and they feel so soft ! Seriously. Go try it in store. 

You can either get the gift set like the one I have ( IT'S ON SALE! FOR A WHOPPING £9.45,8,1,4394,38574.htm ) or get them in full-size ! There are two Melvita stores in London : Putney Exchange or Covent Garden but you can also find their products at Whole Foods. 

They have so much more products like beauty oils ( they have argan freaking oil. ), floral waters, bath&shower products, shampoo and lots more. I'm actually eyeing their Lavender Floral Water and their cuticle oil ! 

I hope Santa was good to you :)

Lots of Love, 


*PR Samples

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