Monday, 26 December 2011

TAG : This or That?

Hello lovelies,

I came across this tag on and thought it sounded interesting. I tag all of you to do this one and then link your post or video in the comments !

Coke or Pepsi ? Definitely more of a Coke person. I don't drink it that often though !

Ice cream or frozen yogurt? Tough one. But ever since Pinkberry has opened in London, frozen yogurt has become my favorite snack :)

Clothes or makeup? Geez. Another hard one ! But I'm going to have to prefer... CLOTHES. Sorry makeup but clothes are just magical. Beautiful pieces that make you look better. I know we can say the same thing about makeup - whatever.

Hairspray or frizz lotion? I definitely don't have frizzy hair. I have the straightest hair in the existence of human beings (it's true okay!) ! So I guess hairspray.

T.V or book ? Neither. I don't watch TV or read books that often. Sadly, I think I watch more TV than i read. That has to change.

Pool or Beach ? Beaches are a lot more fun !

Water or Soda? WATER WATER WATER !

Sandals or Boots ? I love boooties! :)

Purse or backpack ? Hello, a purse of course.

Team Jacob or Team Edward? I'm Team Edward for sure ! AND Team Taylor Lautner.

Wizards of Waverly Place or Hannah Montana ? To be completely honest with you guys I have never watched either... Just never was interested in these TV Shows. I was more of a Recess/Kim Possible/Totally Spies kinda girl.

Mall or online shopping ? I am definitely a mall person. I like to see and feel what I buy.

Tennis or soccer? TENNIS ALL THE WAY!

MAC or maybelline? It's got to be MAC.

Lots of Love , 

Laura x 


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