Monday, 12 September 2011

Elegant Touch Classic French UV Gel Coat Infinity Review

 Hi all ! 

I am so very sorry for being absent this long but it really wasn't my choice ! I just had major problems with internet ( and it's still working on and off so i hope this post actually goes up ) and then school started so i've had to get back in the rhythm of things but here i am with a review ! 

Over the summer I was able to try out a number of products and the most recent one is the Classic French nails by Elegant Touch which i got from the iFabbo event back in July. I am not at all the type of person who would spend their money on fake nails but it was just one of those days where i felt like playing around with products and i picked this. Here are a few pictures to show you how they actually looked on : 

Before sharing my thoughts with you i thought i'd do a little round up of what this product actually is and what are the claims of it. 

What is it ? Elegant Touch Classic French UV Gel Coat Infinity. It is a box containing 24 nails in 10 different sizes and it comes with a glue.

Claims: Our best ever non-chip covered nails.UV Gel Coat Infinity is our best ever nail, new technology uses a UV and gel top coating to ensure the nail will not chip, the top coat won't scratch and the nails stay bright and strong for the entire wear. Glue on nails are fantastic if you want beautiful results for up to 10 days. 

I want to start off by saying that these are incredibly easy to put on your nails there's a great range of sizes which makes it easy if you have really big nails or even really small nails. Anyway, once they were on i started doing a whole lot of things and maybe like an hour later my thumb nail came off so i had to re-glue it... Then the next day as i was putting fresh sheets on my bed another nail fell and this time it was impossible to re-glue it! And as the days went by more nails started coming off which i thought was pretty disappointing because i'm pretty sure that after 2 days i had 4 nails that had fallen off. And i wasn't even doing too many dishes during that time so how they came off i have no idea. I have to say their claims were pretty wrong... Cause after 3 days i had to remove all of the nails because i mean who walks around with just a few nails on their hand. It looked ridiculous. The other annoying thing about them ? They were almost impossible to remove. First of all, in the instructions they actually ask you to buy one of their products to remove but i was definitely not going to buy a product just to remove the nails so i soaked my nails in acetone polish remover and it worked pretty well. Also, something i didn't mention before is the patchiness that appears on your nails after putting them on. You probably can see it on the pictures above so yeah that wasn't great either. 

The only thing that was positive about these nails are that they didn't chip and that was after all one of their major objectives for this product so i guess they accomplished that but they might want to start thinking about creating a nail with a stronger glue to make them last longer! 

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  1. I bought an elegant touch classic french nail. I think it works well.