Monday, 22 August 2011

Travel Diary

From Bali to Singapore , here are a few pictures i promised i would share with you. I don't think i will be blogging much in the next week but do bare with me for a little as i am always on the move and i have an internship and all that jazz ! Alright now , enjoy !

Well , i hope you all enjoyed this mahusive photo post. It was meant to go up ages ago but i never really took the time to do a selection! I'm in the midst of moving and to be honest i don't want to leave this house :( I loved it way too much ! Anyway, i have no idea when i will be getting internet connection but bear with me for a bit and i will do my very best to get connected to you ! For now, this is bye! 


  1. Fab photos, I want to be in that pool right now, it looks amazing! xx

  2. Looks amazing, keep having the best time :).

    Helen, X

  3. lovely blog. i am now following, i hope you can follow back.

  4. Amazing photos, all that food looks so lush!xx