Friday, 6 May 2011

Make-Up Favorites

Hey guys ! Happy FRIDAY ! I just needed this hectic week to end . I had so many exams which explains my slow-down of posts ! But I'm back and I have so many posts to write I've been really inspired lately ! Anyway , enough of my talking and check out my fave make-up !

 I know . This isn't make-up but I thought I'd just include my three favorite nail polishes right now . They are alll from Barry M . The only thing bad I have to say is about the 216 Silver Cascade . It is horribly hard to remove this nailpolish therefore I only wear it on occasions ... I was actually really disappointed by this because apart from that the glitter is amazing .

These are the two mascaras I use . They are absolutely amazing together because the Sexy Curves gives you a whole lot of volume which is exactly what I need just because I have the most dull eyelashes . Glam'eyes is great for separating your lashes . But Glam'eyes on it's own is pretty damn crappy. This is what it says on the product : " Ultra Volume . high-definition mascara" Uhm , yeah right . If you are looking for a volumizing mascara this is definitely the last mascara you want to buy. Sexy Curves claims are by a mile more accurate : "For fuller curvier lashes " ! ( The two mascaras are from RIMMEL.)

 This product has been having a whole lot of good reviews and people saying it is the best highlighter. For those of you who don't know this is the Touche Eclat by YSL. I put this on whenever my eyes look really tired and to be honest it totally lightens my face up and covers perfectly my dark circles ! So if you have any bad dark circles you probably want to get this product .

 Although this lip gloss is form H&M it is by far my favorite tint of gloss I have ever tried . I've been trying to look for something like this in other brands but I don't seem to find anything ! It's just this nude-pinky kinda lip gloss and for some reason it suits me really well !

 This is the l'Oreal Contour Kohl in Jet Black. I do wear this eyeliner from time to time but because it easily gets smudged it kind of annoys me . Plus , I don't have a whole lot of time in the morning to put on make-up before going to school!
 I wear this gloss on a daily basis. Sadly , the number and name of this lip gloss has faded ! BOO

  I wear this one from time to time but it's a pretty neon-y color so it really depends on my outfit and my mood ! LOL

 Here are the colors of the two lip glosses and the eyeliner .

Last but not least , my foundation . This is a pretty cheap foundation that I got probably a year ago when I still wasn't wearing foundation often and I just wanted to try it out. So I didn't want to invest too much in it and it's actually really good ! It's oil free , talc free and fragrance free but most importantly ? It doesn't give me break-outs and it lasts for a LONG time ! I actually just went to check out reviews on this product and I have only read good things about it ! DEFINITELY a cheap but good foundation .

I'm actually having my dinner right now and it's 11pm . ! On the menu ? Pasta and a slice of meat with carrots and green tea cake ! haha I'll probably do a post on that !

This is the first time I kind of do a favorites post do you want me to do more of these ? I'm thinking of doing a what's in my shower post ... What else do you want me to blog on ? Please leave comments below with your ideas ! :) 

Love you all , 


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