Sunday, 1 May 2011


I know that a lot of people are obsessed with candles . Especially Yankee Candles or Satkin and co ? Anywho , my point is that because we don't have all of these brands here in the UK they are less accessible to us therefore we need to find a way . Well , check it out . I recently got this candle by Brissi . There have very few shops here so you may or may not have seen them (FYI They have shops in Marylebone and Clapham). My point is , I got one of their candles , Fruits d'Epices which is a mixture of mulberry , bergamot and vanilla enveloped in spicy black pepper. You guys , this candle is UHHHH-MAZING . I mean I have never smelt a candle that smells as delicious as this one. Even when I don't burn the candle the smell spreads in my room . I know the names of the stuff in there don't sound familiar but boy do they smell good . This is definitely a product I would recommend for all my fellow British readers .!

The only thing you may not like about this product is the price ! It's £22 . Okay , I know it's a lot for a candle but because the candle has a burning time of 40 hours I think it's definitely worth the price. Because those cheap candles you buy at a pound or two i'm pretty sure their life span doesn't exceed 2 hours. 

You should definitely go check out one of their stores they always have amazing accessories for home and just bits of stuff here and there !

Peace out 

Laura out 

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