Sunday, 15 May 2011

it's like an addiction

Somehow I have an addiction to shoes and if there's one thing you need to know about me fashion wise is that I am obsessed with shoes. I even think you'd be surprised by the kind of shoes I like. Sadly , I'm still 17 and I don't wear heels everyday and I don't have my own job and my own money so I can't get all the shoes I want but trust me the second I'll be earning my own money I'll be splurging on SHOES ! I always like to see what's on the market when it comes to shoes and even if I won't buy these ( it's not exactly appropriate to wear heels to school and I don't attend enough occasions for me to have an excuse to buy them! ) I would if I could ! So here are a few pretty cool stuff I found on the Topshop website !

These brogues are the KERIN Crochet Lace-ups and they are £50. I love that it's a two-toned brogue and that the beige part is lace. It kind of revs up the brogue ! If the price bothers you I saw similar ones at Primark! ( I know these aren't heels ! and I'm actually planning on buying them! I just want to find the perfect pair of brogues...) 

These wedges are the World Gold Rope Cork Wedges and are £60 ! There's just something I love about the rope and the structural kind of front in this shoe. The perfect shoe for a summer night out by the beach or for a barbecue at a friend's house. This shoe is also available in fuchsia !

These nude pumps are the Gracey Nude Asymmetric Peep-Toe Shoe and they are £65. These are perfect for a night out in the city ! I love once again the structure of this shoe and the fact that it is nude makes it easy to match it up with a lot of things. 

These Apricot Mary Jane 's are £68 and I think these are UBER-COOL. I can totally imagine this with flared jeans as well as with a full skirt or even a dress ! Oh God. I have to stop looking at them . 

These Script Natural Linen High Vamp Peep Toe Platform Wedges are to DIE FOR . ( £70 btw ) I don't know why I'm so attracted to them I mean orange isn't even my favorite color but I feel like the mixture of this bright orange and linen makes this shoe so classy and UBER-UBER COOL . Plus , they look comfortable to walk in !

These Perrin Premium Platform Sandals are in a nude color and there's something so cool about this shoe. Maybe it's the studs on the heel ? I don't know I just wish they could be part of my shoe collection :/

Do I have any SHOE LOVERS or should I say OBSESSED readers out there ? Come and chat with me on Twitter @Laurac15 so we can chat all night about SHOES ;) 

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