Sunday, 3 April 2011

13 Questions

I thought I'd do a 13 Questions TAG . This is something people do for their Vlogs but I thought I'd do it so you could know me better :) Okay , let's get started !

1)     What do you order at Starbucks ? I always take a Grande Light Caramel Frappucino ! This is UH-MAZING . Seriously . The thought of it has got me craving for it right now !

2)     What’s one thing in your closet you cannot live without ? I have these Jeggings or Leggings from Topshop , they are simply my favorite jeggings I could ever have . They have these like leather pads like right below the crotch around the knees kind of ? Okay , this is too complicated LOL I'll take a picture :) 

3)      What’s one thing people don’t probably know about you ? This is probably the most complicated question . Oh , I just found something . I'm addicted to all TV shows like Bones or Law&Order : SVU and CSI of course ! 

4)     Name one thing you want to do before you die? I want to work at People's Revolution and live in New York ! 

5)     Whats one food you cannot live without? Everyone who know me is well aware of my obsession for sushi. I could eat sushi and sashimi all day . For real.

6)     What quote do you live your life by ? I found this quote on tumblr and eversince it has been my motivation in life , " It 's not how good you are , it's how good you want to be." 

7)      What do you like/dislike about the youtube community ? I'm not part of this community but I do regularly watch videos ... I like the whole concept of sharing tips , recommending products and even  sharing your trip to the mall . I know some people don't enjoy watching these life-intruding videos but I'm curious and I love it. What I dislike about this community is that some people only promote products and don't really like them but they do it because they are asked to. I find it dishonest from these people and it annoys me . But I'm not going to criticise these people too much ...

8)      What's your number one most listened song on iTunes ? I don't really use iTunes so I'm not sure ... But recently I've been listening to Someone Like You - Adele and Just Can't Get Enough - BEP countless times !

9)      What kind of style do you define your style as having ? I think I'm too young too actually have a definite style and I feel like I'm still trying out different stuff. 

10)     Favorite number ? Not sure why but the number 7 .

11)     Two Hobbies ? Photography and Tennis .

Enjoy the end of your week-end girlies ! 

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