Sunday, 3 April 2011

Neon Bag

I went to Primark last week to return a top I had bought (below)

At first I loved it because it's kind of a cut-out top (the black parts are transparent) , but the second I tried it I found that the top part of this top ( LOL ! top part of the top... anyway !) was badly cut and decided to return it . The top was £8 . So I went back and I was just randomly looking for stuff , I mean it is Primark ! You just find things ! So yeah I walk around I pass the bags section countless times but nothing caught my eye accept these neon bags but I didn't even bother to stop. When I passed the bag section for the thousandth time I realized there were only like 5 of these bags left ( the whole shelf was full of them when I arrived! ) , so I thought you know that maybe they aren't that bad . This is the moment when I fall in love with the bag and head straight to the tills and go home with a big smile on my face .

What I absolutely love about this bag is it's versatility. It can be a satchel , a handbag or a X-Large Clutch! 

P.S Sorry for the quality of the last 3 pictures , I had to take them with my webcam because I had an accident with my camera ! :S

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