Saturday, 4 February 2012

Carvela Babies

In case you weren't aware I am a shoe-a-holic. Shoes + Sale = Laura goes Gaga. I got these babies at the Harrods Sale for £45 (they were £120 initially) BARGAIN. 

How gorgeous are they !? They're not so hard to walk in which is good news. They are great for summer and winter as well... I have only good things to say about these so yeah.

What do you think about these ? 

Last few hours of being a kid ! WOOP WOOP 


  1. I Love these, what a bargain too :D x

  2. Wow those are so pretty!! And what an amazing bargain =D Can't wait to see how you style them =)

  3. Wow...they're amazing !
    Love your blog, Im now following :)
    Feel free to check out mine too:

    Erika xx

  4. @ErikaFox I sure will post a picture of my outfit ! going out friday and wearing them! stay tuned :)