Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Bug

I have been down with a stomach bug for the last 6 days ! Yes. 6 DAYS. This thing is just killing me. It is starting to get better now though which is such a relief ( you have no idea how much it hurt!). What really pisses me off about this stomach bug is that it just had to land during my school break. During the break I was suppose to work! Ugh. Anyway! Enough complaining and before I actually got really sick I did pop by London Fashion Week which is finishing today (Women's Fashion Week finished yesterday but Men's today!) to take a few street style pictures and uhm I don't know i'm not in love with the pictures I managed to take but i'll share a few ! :)

{Glossy Metallic Brogues ? Yes please!}

{Really like the knit and pant combo}

{Flood of people pouring out after Aquascutum show}

{Kind of really in love with the colour of her hair}

{Love this printed sweater}

{Blondie with crazy pink-tinted heart-shaped sun glasses!}

{Sandra from 5inchandup with her paper Birkin!}

{Love this girl's coat}

{The bag and the print on the skirt? OMG no words.}

{Dude taking pictures next to me had these uber-cool studded shoes!}

{Love these plaid pants}

And then we went in The Savoy to look around and check out their high tea menu and left because my tummy was killing me ! Ha.

Hope you guys enjoyed this rather useless post with a lot of complaints from me (very french of me to do that) and a few random snaps!

Mock exams are coming up next week so i'm going to dive into the papers! 

Ciao x 

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