Saturday, 26 March 2011

Purple Lipstick

My mum's friend works at Rimmel and she brought us back a box with loads of make-up in it... Figured I'd try out this lipstick . Sorry for the quality of this first picture, it was taken with my webcam ! 

I kind of like the color actually :) 


OH MY GOD . I just love this season's collection of bikinis at H&M ! I'm actually surprised at how detailed and fashion-forward they are. Definitely at the top of my list RIGHT NOW (even if it's raining in London , i'm hopeful the sun will be back soon...)

Inspiration Boost

I thought I'd share a few pictures I found this week... I'm really into the whole inspirational thing!

Source: fieldguided , fictionliving , studdedhearts , SincerelyJules , Columbine , songofstyle , lovemore , streetfsn , madebygirl , maverickandlove 

Have a great week-end guys ! 

Ice Cream And Salad ?

A year ago I went to Sketch restaurant for my friend's birthday. I have to say when we stepped in the restaurant we thought the food would be amazing (because the rooms where you eat are amazing, not to mention the toilets ! ) Then came the moment we read the menu , there were all these strange names and mixes and Carla and I didn't know what to take ! But for my appetizer I decided to take a salad because I mean nothing can be simpler than a salad. Then comes my salad....
source: altamira

Yup , salad with ICE CREAM . Imagine my disappointment... LOL

I thought I'd talk about it because I was on altamira and one of the models said she eats the salad often. I guess some people like ice cream and salad...Not exactly my taste...

Thursday, 24 March 2011


This song has pretty much been on replay today. The weather in London is amazing and this song is the little cherry on top :)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day , we finally presented our project after working for 6 months on it . Imagine how relieved we were when we stepped out that room , it was the most amazing feeling ever ( surprisingly I didn't forget what i had to say ) ! Because I'm totally the sort of person that stands there , panics and forgets everything. But I feel that now I'm able to cope with the stress a little more ... Okay enough rambling ! I went to Abercrombie and Fitch this week-end to meet-up with one of my friends who actually works there :)

I look horrible because the freakin lady who took the picture didn't even leave me time to put a smile on my face . Geez . Kind of annoyed us even if the girls looks super cheerful , we were pissed at her.
We also went to Primark where I got a hat for this summer and a top and then to Zara where I got another top ... I will do a post specially on these items :) Maybe I should call it a haul but instead of being a video I'll just take pictures of the products I got and wear them ? I'll have to think about it..
I'm really sorrry for talking about crap on here , I write way too much.. Let me share a little inspiration  !

That's it for today guys ! I'll see you on Friday night ! I'll maybe post a Friday Night Playlist and a haul ! 

P.S I love how i'm writing literally everything that crosses my mind . 

Monday, 21 March 2011


So after quitting this blog and bringing Laura's Bible to Tumblr I have finally decided to bring my blog back on here ! I won't be blogging much till Wednesday because I have this like major project that we have to present on Wednesday morning so I'm basically super stressed right now . Anyway , here's a picture of my nails ! I love sparkly nailpolishes right now . This is Barry M's Silver Cascade.

Till then !

P.S I promise to at least post every other day . ( I'll do my best (: )