Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day , we finally presented our project after working for 6 months on it . Imagine how relieved we were when we stepped out that room , it was the most amazing feeling ever ( surprisingly I didn't forget what i had to say ) ! Because I'm totally the sort of person that stands there , panics and forgets everything. But I feel that now I'm able to cope with the stress a little more ... Okay enough rambling ! I went to Abercrombie and Fitch this week-end to meet-up with one of my friends who actually works there :)

I look horrible because the freakin lady who took the picture didn't even leave me time to put a smile on my face . Geez . Kind of annoyed us even if the girls looks super cheerful , we were pissed at her.
We also went to Primark where I got a hat for this summer and a top and then to Zara where I got another top ... I will do a post specially on these items :) Maybe I should call it a haul but instead of being a video I'll just take pictures of the products I got and wear them ? I'll have to think about it..
I'm really sorrry for talking about crap on here , I write way too much.. Let me share a little inspiration  !

That's it for today guys ! I'll see you on Friday night ! I'll maybe post a Friday Night Playlist and a haul ! 

P.S I love how i'm writing literally everything that crosses my mind . 

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