Saturday, 26 March 2011

Ice Cream And Salad ?

A year ago I went to Sketch restaurant for my friend's birthday. I have to say when we stepped in the restaurant we thought the food would be amazing (because the rooms where you eat are amazing, not to mention the toilets ! ) Then came the moment we read the menu , there were all these strange names and mixes and Carla and I didn't know what to take ! But for my appetizer I decided to take a salad because I mean nothing can be simpler than a salad. Then comes my salad....
source: altamira

Yup , salad with ICE CREAM . Imagine my disappointment... LOL

I thought I'd talk about it because I was on altamira and one of the models said she eats the salad often. I guess some people like ice cream and salad...Not exactly my taste...

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