Thursday, 1 December 2011

Brissi Fruits d'Epices Candle

Hello lovelies,

I have a rather relaxing post for you today. We are definitely in the winter-y months period, you know that moment when everyone is lighting up their candles and cuddling up in bed with tea. Yeah, that time of the year. But I feel like to make the experience complete it is necessary to have the perfect candle.

This candle is simply marvelous. It smells of Mulberry, Vanilla and Pepper and I have never smelt anything quite like this. It smells divine, not too overpowering just a very subtle scent that lingers in your room even when the candle isn't lit. The scent is so relaxing and I love lighting the candle whenever I get in bed to watch a movie or when it's a chill night ! They last for such a long time as well so even if they are around £22, they are of top quality and they will not disappoint. 

What are your favorite candles during the winter months ? Please share I am always on the lookout for more :) 

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