Tuesday, 27 September 2011

What I Love Tuesdays

I'm thinking of doing a few weekly posts just to give a bit more of a rhythm to my blog which has kind of been on the down side recently. All that because of school and the fact that i'm in the midst of applying for universities so i've been working hard to make my personal statement amazing. So the idea of this weekly post is to share something you have been appreciating for the past week.

This week-end I spent most of my time in bed because of sickness and Castle has been my best friend. You probably have never heard of it ( if you have i would be surprised). If I had to compare it to any other TV show I would compare it to Bones because the two main characters have the same chemistry and I don't know it just really reminds me of Bones. The difference with this show is that Castle, a famous writer, joins Beckett's team to solve murders and he inspires himself from reality. I think it's a really good show and I'm watching it all on Youtube ! Awesome huh ? 


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