Saturday, 24 September 2011

Kelly Cutrone

You guys. I am over excited. Like seriously today I went to Kelly Cutrone's Book Signing at Piccadilly's Waterstone's and she was awesome ( as usual ). This was actually the second time I went to visit her but this time I brought a friend along cause she was another big fan of hers. Kelly started off talking about what was on her mind and then people started asking questions and we finished off with picture taking and book signings and talking one on one with her. She is THE MOST inspiring person on earth and I can only find kind words to say about her. If you have the possibility of purchasing her books ( If you cry go outside and other things your mother never told you, Normal gets you Nowhere) then go, do it now. I'm serious it's just so worth it, almost life-changing! 

So yeah this was a really random and short post but I wanted to share some love .

Buona Sera World.

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