Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Online Shopping

You know what I absolutely love about online shopping ? You shop without spending . Some people eventually do buy items they see on the internet but somehow I have difficulties doing so... I feel the need to touch and see the product in real life to be able to purchase it . But even if I don't buy anything online I like going through the websites of my fave shops just to see what's in store right now . Here are all the new arrivals that caught my eye...

At Zara :
Oddly , in the new arrivals only shoes caught my eye ...

This is probably the perfect shoe for this season's color blocking trend . I can imagine it with any sort of outfit like rolled-up jeans , a skirt or even a summer dress . Click here for more details.

I absolutely love these patent nude flats . Nude flats are a must for this season just because it goes with anything ! I used to have the nude ballet flats from Topshop but they are completely ruined. These look solid and comfy ... Definitely am going to buy this one  ! Click here for more details .

At H&M ,
These pieces are just items that are great for summer because you can just throw them on without any fuss !

This dress in Apricot is really simple but the ruffles makes it look classier and dressed . This would be a cute outfit with a pair of nude brogues if you want to dress it up a little or with a nice pair of sandals if you're just going out ... Click  here for more details on this item.

This denim top is cool for putting it over your bikini during the summer or it could make a lovely outfit with a pair of white shorts or if you're daring enough with denim shorts. I love the knitted detailing in the back ! Click   here for more details.

I'm planning on collecting a lot of these really thin bracelets in either bright colors , with charms or with peace signs on it , to stack them all up on one hand ! This would probably be one of them. They have quite a few colors for this , for more details on this item click here .

At River Island ,


I love Aztec prints right not but I'm having difficulties finding any in stores.. Maybe I haven't looked enough ? I don't know ! I did find this top which I can totally imagine with a pair of shorts and Minnetonka 's ! Click here for more details on this item. 


OMG . I fell in love with this dress the second I saw it . I don't know what it is but there's just something that I adore about it . Although , it is a little pricey :s 

At Topshop , 

Sadly , I only found an item and it 's an accessory. But I would say it is a pretty cool accessory I have never seen before ! 


What do you think ? I think it's pretty rad with the feather hanging on the side . Oh My . Too cool ! I have to get my hands on these . HAVE TO ! 

At Asos , 

This top is pretty cool for date nights or for some kind of classy event ! I really like the lace detailing ! 


A little pricey but I would definitely spend this amount on the top ! It's just flawless . Click here for more details ! 

I hope you enjoyed this post because I love being on the look out for new items in stores ! Sharing them with you makes it even funner :) 

If you have any suggestions for other sort of posts I'm open for any propositions just leave a comment below and I'll take everything in account . 

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  1. I actually just saw those color-blocked heels on another blogger's site and she wore them well. They're really cute!


  2. Was it on cupcakesandcashmere ? :)

  3. I love those colour block heels! Fuond you on IFB :) Following.. xx

  4. i love all of them..i have out looking for similar pieces in the brands available here..and i totally agree with the unease when you buy something online..i like trying things on first.

  5. i think i will visit zara tomorrow haha these are so pretty!!

    kisses <3

  6. i love the first shoes'colors!!!!

    i'm your new follower :)

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