Saturday, 28 May 2011

Gotta Get Down On Saturday !

Holla ! We arrived in Lake District late last night after a 6-hour drive ! Here we are and ... IT'S RAINING . I was planning on taking gorgeous pictures for a project and here I am with rain ! I decided to stay in this morning to start working because my exams are coming up ! But I'll be going out later this afternoon to sightsee I guess ... Try and capture as many pictures as I can ! For now , this is what I have .

 I was really bored and just had to take this one .. Pretty random and it's not even centered. #badphotography
 I tried taking a good picture of my cat eye but as you can see I pretty much failed !
Today's outfit : Top - H&M , Jeans - H&M , Shoes - Converse.
Excuse my sort of psycho face . LOL

This is what I'm eating as I type this ... My LUNCH . I'll probably grab a pie or something yummy to eat in a bit ! 

Voila , for today's update ! Stay tuned for more updates from LAKE DISTRICT ! 


  1. look forward to seeing your photos!
    the weather here in Greece was awful too these past 2 days...unstoppable rain..but now is really better :)
    **like your eye make up
    hope you have fun &enjoy your weekend :D
    kisses <3


  2. Hi Laura!
    I just wrote you a long message of IFB, but as usual, it crashed before I managed to send it!!! Anyway, I wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog, I love yours! and omg i love those KG shoes! I hope you bought them?!! Please tell me you did!!! I am following :) Look forward to more updates
    Lots of love
    Zoey @ makeshiftmodel xx

  3. Aw that's too bad ! I would have loved to read your whole message ! No problem for stopping by your blog ! I genuinely love your outfits ! uhm , i didn't buy them actually ... :s I love heels and all but I can't wear them to school so i thought why invest in high heels when I'll probably only wear them twice a year ? In a year or two heels will be at the top of my list and I will probably be splurging on them ! hhaha