Thursday, 7 June 2012

The End

Sadly this is the end of Laura's Bible. I really did enjoy creating this blog which was my first creative outlet on the blogosphere but I feel like it doesn't translate who I really am. Therefore, I have created a new blog with a new name ! It'll be a Lifestyle, Food And Fashion Blog. It'll be an exciting one I'll tell ya ;) 

Starting on the 20th of June I will be updating the blog every other day. Why 20th of June? It's the day I'll  finish my exams. So bring on 20th of June, a day full of excitement in my life ! 

Here's the link to the blog : 

If you want to follow my journey out in the blogosphere then go ahead and click the link above! I promise it won't be boring and the updates will be REGULAR (that's a promise.).

Thank you to everyone who has been following this blog up to this date and I'll see you on the other side maybe ? ;) 


  1. See you on the other side :) x

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  4. Dear, I will follow you, love your blog.