Sunday, 6 May 2012

Where To Eat In London ? The Riding House Cafe

The morning after prom, we had to wake up early and go vote for our future president. After a little 'jog' to the polling station and after having voted, my very schexay friends and I went for brunch at The Riding House Cafe. 

The food just melts in your mouth. We all took the pancakes except for M. who got salmon and scrambled eggs on toast I believe which was just as good. I seriously don't think I've eaten pancakes as good as these ones. I also took the bircher muesli which was scrumptious. Love the pumpkin seeds and strawberries on top of the muesli. Somehow it makes it that much yummier. 
They serve their smoothies and juices in this awesome possum milk bottle and you just look really cool drinking in it. BTW, they have some really interesting mixes in their menu which I did want to try out but ya'know the muesli+pancakes+latte+juice would have been a bit much. 

Overall, if I had friends visiting London I would definitely bring them here for a brunch or even for lunch. This place is just that swagelicious. 

Go there. Try it out. You won't be disappointed! Trust me. 

43-51 Great Titchfield Street  London, W1W 7PQ
020 7927 0840


  1. Those pancakes look AMAZING! I'll definitely have to give this place a try.

    Meg x

  2. Super cute photos.. this food also looks delicious!x

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