Saturday, 21 April 2012

Zara Wish List

My Zara Wish List has never been this long. Their new collection is just to die for. From shoes to clothes to bags. You name it. I want it. I especially want these...

Mint + Metallic + Crossed Around Ankle Strap.

Maxi + Peachy + Slit. 

Two-Tone Shoes + Chunky Heel.

Metallic + Stiletto. 

Bodycon + Crazy Florals.

Pleats + Asymmetrical Hem.

Tie-Dye + White Jeans.

Sheer Shirt + Bat Wings. 

Lace + Mini Shorts.

Basically explained under each item what I love about it. There's just too much things to love at Zara at the moment I can't walk in their store or I swear I will empty my bank account. And I'm trying to save up. So, if any of you want to be nice... Need I say more ? ;)


  1. the peachy maxi skirt!! LOVE.x

    1. big fan too ! i think that is one of the items i'm actually going to buy !

  2. ooh I really like the maxi skirt. Absoluetly adorable.

  3. love zara. it's funny but i've been shopping there since high school and their prices have really (and unfortunately) gone up quite a bit through the years :( I just had my dad bring me a bunch of clothes from zara in Germany for my little guy. love their kids stuff too.


  4. I'm really liking zara clothes lately. x

  5. I agree with Sophie. Their prices are really expensive that's why I get back to where I used to buy cheap clothes before. Actually, since I got 2 kids, I never go shopping to mall anymore, I usually check online instead of searching through racks and racks of items at the mall. It's been so easy and comfortable since I don't have to carry my kids at all when buying clothes or any stuff I need.