Friday, 17 February 2012

Tips To Beautiful Skin

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Cafe La Moda kindly asked me if they could do a guest post on tips for beautiful skin and of course I accepted ! So here are some tips I thought could be useful for you guys ! 

Finding the trick to clear, beautiful skin is something like the search for the Holy Grail. You hear rumours and old wives’ tales of the best products, the best routines... Someone you know once achieved a poreless miracle with nothing more than sugar and honey... Your mum tells you to apply toothpaste to spots during the night and you’ll wake up with the red bumps banished. The fact is everybody’s skin is different, and unique to only them. There isn’t any one answer that can give you a natural “photo-finish” complexion unless you were born with the right genes. However, there are plenty of ways you can give yourself the best skin possible – from diet to makeup. Here’s a quick list to help you on your way:

Drink plenty of water

H2O is the starting point for clear skin. Drinking 1-2 litres a day will help flush out any toxins in your body that can lead to oil build up and spots, and it will also keep your skin from drying out. This is especially important in the summer months when the sun can dehydrate your skin quickly.

Get some antioxidants

Antioxidants fight the inflammatory free-radicals produced when your body breaks down food – reducing redness and puffiness in your skin. They are also known to reduce acne as well as fine lines and wrinkles. You can buy them in supplement form from health shops, but they’re easy to work into your everyday diet; try snacking on dried cranberries or swapping your normal tea-bags for green tea instead.

Cleanse, tone and moisturise

Never sleep in your make up. Wash it off every evening with a gentle cleanser, and follow with a toner and light moisturiser. Try to make sure these products are packed with vitamins and minerals to stop them stripping away your skin’s natural goodness. All in one facial wipes are a good way of doing all three steps quickly.


Free your pores of dead skin cells with a gentle exfoliation once a week. You can buy special sponges that are designed for the face that have a less abrasive effect than scrubs. Use a PH balanced soap and work up a good lather. Rinse off with water.

Use mineral based make-up

If your skin is sensitive or prone to flaring up and redness, mineral makeup should be your first point of call. It won’t clog your pores and trap dirt as much as other makeup, and also helps feed your skin what it needs. Avoid liquid formulas, which will highlight any dry skin patches once set – instead opt for a light powder base over your usual moisturiser.

Treat yourself!

Why not save up the pennies and treat yourself to a facial? You’re almost guaranteed to leave the salon with super-soft, glowing skin. Most places will also re-do your make-up before you leave too, so take advantage of their dermatological knowledge and ask about your own skin type and which products will suit you best.
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